Report 16/6/17

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Report 16/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:27 am

Well winter has finally arrived and so have all the piscatorial pleasures that come with it.

According to local reports on radio and print there have been some reasonable tailor caught at the Motorway Bridge and at the river mouth. A reliable source however, told me that a lot of the tailor which are being caught at the moment are choppers and the good fish are still to come. The tailor bite will start to ease temporarily as we approach the neap tides next week.
As predicted by everyone who knows the river’s habits, the cold snap has ignited the bream season.

You can pull bream just about anywhere in the Maroochy at the moment. There are still lots of small stuff in the mix but the size will steadily improve over the next month as the big fish come in to spawn. Bream prefer the deeper channels and drop offs but I continuously connect with good fish over 30cm on top of the sand banks on the big tides while fishing for whiting. They are always up on the banks foraging for yabbies and they love soldier crabs as much as anything. I have landed a couple of bream already this winter around the 35cm mark.

As with gar fishing you will improve your bream catch remarkably by simply having a berley bucket hanging over the side of your boat. Bream will range over a wide area searching for food but once they get a whiff of your berley they will be drawn towards your boat.

Three days after the full moon my dynamite deckie and I fished the Maroochy River on the morning run in tide for bream. The evening tide was much bigger than the morning tide and much more suited to bigger fish. Night fishing will always produce better quality fish for most estuary species. My night fishing days however are almost forgotten memories and I mostly fish gentlemen’s hours these days.

We managed 2 nice bream (on yabbies) around 30cm at our first stop in deeper water not far from the bar mouth. As there was a fair bit of loose sea weed fouling our rigs on the run in tide we moved over towards Cotton Tree. The berley bucket soon had a myriad of hardy heads, butter bream and small bream working on the back of the boat. Funnily enough there was no gar working the burley trail. We soon tired of losing our bait to pickers so headed upstream towards the high-rises.

We tried a couple of places upstream but managed only 2 reasonable bream at 27cm. I refuse to take bream under 27cm unless they are seriously damaged during the hook up process and I know that they will not survive anyway.

As we still didn’t have enough bream for a decent feed we tried another spot on the western end of Goat Island toward Chambers Island where I have had relative success for gar in recent trips. I hung a berley bucket on each side of the boat and in a few minutes had attracted a few throwback bream on the bream lines. After a few more minutes I drifted a float back on the last of the run in and bingo! – there they were – nice big fat gar. In the next hour we caught more than enough gar to provide a really good feed. We also boated another 3 nice bream around 27cm on the gar floats which gave us 7 excellent bream all up.

All in all it ended up another very productive day out on the Maroochy. I guess what I am saying is you won’t always catch your fish in the one spot. Sometimes you just have to move around a bit until you make contact with your target species.

The rest of this week should see the bream run improve until the next neap tides when they will probably ease up until the New Moon tides start. There is plenty of gar and they will bight right through the neaps although at a reduced pace. I haven’t fished for whiting for a couple of weeks but there should still be a few good ones around this week on the back of the full moon.

The only drawback I can see could be the weather. There is an offshore low hammering Northern NSW and it could move our way.
If you would like to ask me any questions or share your knowledge please feel free to contact me on my email at Good Luck, Mal McKinlay


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