Report 20/6/17

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Report 20/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:39 pm

Most local fishing reports indicate that a range of Trevally species have been taking baits and lures from the Cod Hole (wherever that is), around the Motorway Bridge and downstream in the wider section of the Maroochy, to Chambers Island. If you are not sure where to start - there are nearly always boats drifting around flicking plastics here and there.

If you are from out of town and you would like to trail your boat to the Maroochy, there are 4 public boat ramps that give good access to the lower reaches of the river.

The first one is situated in Lions Park, river end of Fishermans Road. This ramp launches into Eudlo creek and you have to cross under a small road bridge to enter the Maroochy River. It has double access for launch and retrieval, parking for 34 cars with trailers and a fish cleaning bench provided by the Sunshine Coast Council. Just around the corner in Bradmans Avenue, west of the Motorway Bridge, is the pick of the ramps which has direct launching access to the river. There is parking here for 16 cars with trailers and 2 boats can be launched or retrieved at once. It also has a pontoon for tethering to and a small sandy section to leave your boat while getting your car organised. Both these ramps give quick access to the Motorway Bridge and of course the legendary Cod Hole.

A few Kms towards the mouth you have a brand new ramp on the northern side of the river (Twin Waters) at the end of Nojoor Rd. This new ramp replaces an old gravel and sand ramp and has become very popular with fisho’s on the North Shore. I have never used it but it looks like it has plenty of trailer parking etc. The last ramp on my list is at the end of Picnic Point Esplanade at Picnic Point on the south side of the river. Unfortunately it only has parking for 8 cars and trailers so it always fills up quick on weekends. It is a single ramp only with a very steep entry into the river and is very shallow out the front on low tide. It also has a fish cleaning facility provided by the Sunshine Coast Council.

When I was launching my boat the other day there were juvenile prawns skipping about everywhere - being chased by a predator. As prawns take roughly 4 to 5 months to mature they should just about be ready to chase in October - November.

A species that is rarely mentioned in the Maroochy is Luderick. Although they could never be described as bountiful like Yellowfin Bream they do appear in the river at this time of the year in quite good numbers. I was speaking to a couple of Luderick fisho’s at the ramp the other day who I know have been fishing this river for Luderick for years. They said that the proper winter run of Luderick hadn’t started yet but they were still catching the odd one. If you are looking for bait you will find cabbage growing on Point Cartwright. In the past I have also seen it growing on the rocks at Pincushion at the mouth of the Maroochy River.

Places to have a crack at Luderick would be bold mangrove mud banks with fast flowing deep water. Also you could check out some of the pylons, jetties, rock walls or similar structure you might find along the high-rise stretch in Duporth Avenue. A warning though, once you’ve caught your first Luderick by float fishing - it could become addictive.

Okay, so now we have the next New Moon on June 24 which is in fact not just a new moon it is a Super New Moon. A Super New Moon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth and is less than 360,000kms away. A Super New Moon signifies a time of high energy. This will be the last Super New Moon for 5 years.

With such a significant event happening, the Maroochy River should be bristling with bream, teeming with tailor, generous with gar and flowing with flathead. You may still catch whopper whiting but their numbers will thin out now as all the other winter estuary species take over.
So last week, wind and showers from a coastal low interrupted most fishing activities and this week a high pressure system will be gusting hard enough to blow a dog off its chain – sometimes the frustrating thing about fishing is just being able to get on the water at the right time.

Please feel free to contact me at my email address –, if you have any questions you might like to ask.

Good Luck, Mal McKinlay

If you're after some luderick you can collect cabbage at Port Cartwright.

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