Report 22/8/17

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Report 22/8/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:47 pm

I haven’t got a lot to talk about fishing wise this week. I decided to fish the run out tide just before the August new moon. Experience tells me it’s still too early to target whiting specifically just yet. I pumped 50 yabbies just as the tide was falling off the sand banks and set out after a few bream. There are several places downstream where there are trees and logs left behind in flood time. Bream like to hide in and around these snags for a short time as the water recedes before they head for the deeper holes and channels. I like to anchor well upstream and throw a lightly weighted yabby back as close as I can to the snag to entice a bream or 2 out. The first couple of snags produced 7 fish of which 4 were over 27cms. I then moved from the snags which are in relatively shallow water to a spot where the water runs off the shallows into very deep water. This is one of my favourite spots for big whiting on the last 2 hours of the runout tide. I was kept fairly busy for 40 mins or so boating 8 bream and a couple of whiting. All the bream were over 25cm legal size but only 2 went my keeping size of 27cm. One of them was just over 30cm. Both whiting went 28cm so it was encouraging for me to catch my first whiting for a couple of months.

I mentioned in my last report about the whiting that I’d seen while doing my ocean swim training in the surf near Mooloolaba Surf Club. Well, I discovered that when the off shore westerly winds were ferocious and the sea was dead flat the whiting were abundant all the way along the beach. They ranged mostly in a zone from knee deep in the shore break out to the drop off (about 20 metres from the beach). This just might be where they all head for the winter recess. As soon as the wind switched to onshore nor, nor wester they disappeared. I did have a crack at them on the beach with some Metho beach worms I’d cured but they weren’t interested. The northerlies will soon be here in full force so hopefully these whiting will all head back up the river whence they came.

One thing for any of you boaties who haven’t been around the river mouth over winter to be aware of is the fact that the river is extremely silted at the moment. A dredge has been removing sand and putting it back on the Maroochy beach for a couple of months but it is still extremely shallow. The channel out to the bar mouth from Cotton Tree is less than a foot deep on the new moon low tides. If you draw more than a foot on the plane you will bottom out for sure.

As I’ve mentioned in my last report we have now moved into the crossover period of winter and summer species. You can still expect to catch bream in decent numbers and reasonable size for the rest of August. Tailor are still being caught at the mouth of the Maroochy but will disappear pretty quickly. I reckon if you want to fish some live bait or even drift a pilly through some of those channels around Chambers and Goat Islands on the run in tide you might be pleasantly surprised with some good sized flathead. The northerlies have already churned the water clarity of the river giving all species a bit more cover at high tide so it will soon be time to start chasing some seriously big whiting with soldier crabs.

If you would like to share some advice or ask me any questions please feel free to email me on any time.

Good Luck, Mal McKinlay

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