Report 4/9/17

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Report 4/9/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:33 am

It’s hard work putting a feed of fish together on the Maroochy River at the moment. We are right in the middle of the cross over from winter species to summer and of course it’s the time of the year for those incessant Northerly winds. I keep reading the local newspaper fishing reports about the great quantities of whiting being caught in the river each week and wonder whether I’m fishing in the same river.

I fished the outgoing tide on Father’s Day just 4 days before the September full moon using soldier crabs for bait. I didn’t catch any arm slappers but I managed a few keeper whiting and dropped a couple of reasonable fish beside the boat after hook up. I know they will continue to improve as the weather warms up. I didn’t have one bream hook up all day so it looks like the bream have finally done their thing and headed back to where ever they go in summer. The gar have also finished for this season. I did notice a patch of birds working over bait fish near the Jet Ski run so I can only assume there are still trevally schooling in the river. A couple of boats were working them but I didn’t see any hook ups.

There were a lot of boats out on the water on Father’s Day and it was great to see the number of little kids having a fun day out on the water with their Dad.

A couple of readers have enquired about places on the Maroochy where they can fish land based so I have put together a list of a few places with easy access to the river for families. On the southern bank down near the river mouth the river is accessible from the car park at the Cotton Tree Aquatic centre. You can fish the river in front of the caravan park all the way to the sea. On the eastern side of the Aquatic centre heading upstream there are a couple of public piers that always have fisho’s on them trying their luck. You could hope to target whiting, bream and flathead all along here. Picnic Point Esplanade gives access to the river for a stretch of a kilometre or so with plenty of parking. There were many families fishing and swimming here on Father’s day.

Chambers Island is accessible by a footbridge located in Bradman Ave near Swan Boat Hire. It is a popular family destination and a safe place for the kids to fish for whiting, bream and flathead. You should also be able to pump yabbies here in front of the sailing club on low tide. Most of Bradman Ave offers good access to the river all the way from Chambers Island right up to the motorway bridge boat ramp.

On the northern side of the river you have good access to whiting, bream and flathead fishing via Nojoor Rd to the new boat ramp area. Families were strung out on both sides of the boat ramp on Father’s Day looking very relaxed and testing their angling skills.

The whiting fishing has to improve over the coming weeks (it can’t get any worse) but I still believe we need a torrential downpour event to occur that will flush those big 35cm plus specimens back down to the lower reaches of the river. I will be off the water for a couple of weeks after an operation on my hand so I wish you all the best in my absence.

If you would like to share some advice or ask me any questions please feel free to email me on any time. Good Luck Mal McKinlay

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