Report 11/9/17

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Report 11/9/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:44 am

I decided to fish the run in tide for whiting 4 days after the Sept full moon. The Willy weather predictions were good with a sunny day and a gentle North West breeze predicted. I am still recovering from a Carpal Tunnel operation and I can tell you it is very awkward trying to fish out of a boat when you cannot put any load bearing weight on your hand. You should try climbing into a boat from knee deep water after pumping yabbies when you can only use one hand. I’m sure the proverbial drunken sailor had nothing on me the other day.

With a 6am low tide on dawn I knew Soldier crabs would be scarce. For some reason at daybreak they seem to come out for a quick feed then disappear just as quickly. So it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is i.e. summer or winter, once low tide is at least a couple of hours after sunup they’ll come out and browse(except if it’s blowing a gale). Anyway I had to settle for yabbies, and pumped about 50 on the Picnic Point side of Goat Island. The yabby banks on this side of Goat Is. are quite prolific and run from the 6 knots sign right back to the high rises.

A couple of the local fishing reports reckoned that good whiting were being caught on “the flats” (where ever they are) around the Chambers Island area. Unfortunately I couldn’t find “the flats” but I managed 3 nice whiting around 28cm and much to my surprise had some fun with some nice bream near the Swan boat hire flotilla anchored near Chambers. I landed 4 bream over 27cm but released them all. So my theory in my last report that the bream had all packed up and left was wrong and there are still some quality fish in the river to be caught if you are so inclined to fish for them.

It was great to see a couple of families fishing from the shore at Chambers Island. The kids were keeping Dad very busy. Chambers Island is a terrific land based fishing spot on the Maroochy River.

The next new moon should see an improvement in whiting numbers and their size so if the day time fishing doesn’t improve I might have to get out of my comfort zone and give em’ a crack at night time. For those of you who like fishing for flathead with lures and bait, your strike rate should improve remarkably over the next month or so. There are plenty of places around Chambers and Goat Islands that look likely spots for big flathead.

Regrettably I still don’t think the fishing will improve that much until we get a good downpour of rain. If you would like to share some advice or ask me any questions please feel free to email me on any time.

Good Luck Mal McKinlay

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