Report 25/9/17

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Report 25/9/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:35 am

It is funny how you get your favourite spots when you’re fishing and you always tend to go straight back there each time you go out. This system works most of the time, but not always.

When I was on the river a couple of weeks ago I decided to try some places I had never fished before. Although I didn’t have any success on that particular trip I logged them in the computer as potential. A Northerly was blowing so hard just after the Sept New moon I decided to give one of these spots another go as it was a bit more sheltered from the wind. I was using yabbies because it was too early on the run out tide to gather soldier crabs. I was rewarded with 4 whiting 25cm to 27cm all caught within the first 30mins of fishing. When the bite finished I moved to one of my usual spots and gathered some soldier crabs. I fished in that area for an hour without losing a bait, tried a couple more of my usually productive places without success. Finally with time running out I moved around near the river mouth to my last ditch, last of the run out spots. Here, I managed another 3 whiting to 27cm before I called it quits and headed for home.

My new spot had out fished all my other favourite places put together and now of course it has become one of my new “favourite places”. It goes to show, you have to keep looking for potential new fishing spots all the time. While I was out and about I noticed quite a few birds working over a school of pelagics in the main channel in front of Picnic Point. I have a feeling they may have been Silver Trevally, so there should be some new action in the river right now for you lure fisho’s.

I switched from Mono to Braid for all of my fishing lines about 6 years ago. From the word go I was impressed with the feel and response Braid gives when getting a bite, setting a hook and fighting a fish after hook up. Now I would fish no other way. I don’t think Braid has reduced my strike rate either since I switched from Mono. I still manage to pull whiting from Sunshine Coast estuaries up to 40cm when they are on offer. The most important thing I find about Braid is to buy good quality line and use fluorocarbon leader and trace. I tried some of that internet crap Braid that you can buy from China at $20 for 500 metres etc. but now I stick to Name Brands sold at the major tackle shops. I would rather pay an arm and a leg for Braid at these stores because I know it will do as the manufacturers claim and out last the cheap stuff twice over.

I use 6lb braid for my whiting fishing, spliced into a 2 to 3metre 6lb fluorocarbon leader attached to a barrel swivel. My ball sinker rides on this leader above the swivel. I then attach a metre and a half of 4lb fluorocarbon trace to the swivel. I use a No4 Mustad Long Shank Bloodworm hook which is ideal to hold 4 or 5 soldier crabs or a yabby. If I’m fishing in slow water or up on the flats I use a 30gm ball sinker or a 40 or 50gm sinker in fast flowing water or deeper water. This fluorocarbon arrangement keeps the Braid line which is very visual well away from any suspicious fish species I may be targeting and it seems to work a treat for me.

For those of you willing to battle the dreaded Northerlies I reckon you could target whiting and flathead and the lure fisho’s should have some fun on the silver trevally. Sand crabs have been enquiring on my baits last 2 trips so they are definitely worth a crack with a few pots.

If you would like to tell me where the fish are or ask me any questions please feel free to email me on any time.

Good Luck Mal McKinlay

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