Report 6/10/17

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Report 6/10/17

Post by subeditor » Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:20 pm

Rain, Glorious rain! Oh what a difference a bit of rain makes. When you’ve had a drought for 5 months and all of a sudden you have 80mls of rain just 4 days before the Full moon you get a feeling of anticipation in your bones. With a 2pm low tide I decided to get some soldier crabs and fish the run back. I hadn’t landed a decent whiting for months and I was beginning to wonder if they were ever coming back.
The first spot I tried produced some small whiting around 25cm which I released except for one that was gut hooked. I moved to spot X where I have had good catches of big whiting in recent years. The water had that tinge of murk from the rain runoff and felt very fishy. I sat there for 20mins without and enquiry when all of a sudden there was that old familiar movement on the tip of the rod. It was definitely a whiting. I gently lifted the rod and waited a second and the tip just moved ever so slightly down. I struck and the hook connected and I was locked in battle. I knew instantly it was a good fish. Boy! How good it felt after all these months.
When I am playing these big whiting I take my time and let them wear themselves out. It may take a few minutes to get them to the boat but remember you’ve got all day to do it – don’t rush them or they’re gone in a flash. It is important to have your drag set at the right pressure so they can peel line off when they make their big lunges and head shakes – which happens all the way to the boat. They fight to the very last inch but once you have their snout out of the water that’s it – they lose their power and it’s all over. I then use the strength of the rod to lift the fish up and in to the boat in one smooth action. My first fish was 37cm and a few minutes later I had another one in the boat almost as big. When I could get no more activity here I moved to spot Y where I fished to the bottom of the tide and managed another 4 whiting all well over the 30cm mark. The fillets from 7 fish almost filled an ice cream container up.
Overnight we had a storm that delivered another 20mls so I fished the same places again the next day and managed another 5 whiting between 29cm and 36cm. I really had to be patient and work for my fish but the final results show that quality not quantity wins out every time. I would rather catch one 27cm whiting than 10 rat whiting every time. The only down side to catching these beautiful big whiting is that they are mostly females and nearly all were in roe.
Over the 2 days I caught a couple of flathead on soldier crabs so this would indicate that there are quite a few flathead in the river at the moment just waiting for a lure or live bait. For those of you who like sand crab (blue swimmers as they call them down south in Mexico) get your pots out as there are heaps to be caught in the river right now.

If you would like to tell me where the fish are or ask me any questions please feel free to email me on any time.
Good Luck,
Mal McKinlay.

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