Report 30/10/17

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Report 30/10/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:11 am

The Maroochy river still has some run off from the deluge early in the month, but the clarity and saline content has improved markedly. I normally like to save my fishing energy for the days leading into the full and new moon phases. However, after I received an email and photo (which I have attached) of one of my readers night time, neap tide efforts, I was sparked into action.

With a low tide at 10.30am I decided to hit the water early on the Sunday morning, fish the run back tide and get out of it before the rest of the world got out of bed. I pumped some yabbies and started to fish my usual haunts without much luck. Because the soldier crabs decided to sleep in (they are quite often a bit slow on the neap tides) I had to extend the time I had decided to fish to. At about 7.30 I could hear the first unmistakable noise of a squadron of incoming jet skis. They hurtled past at 70kms an hour all intent on getting somewhere as quickly as they could with scant respect for life or limb. Soon there were hundreds of them (or so it seemed) all with the same mission in life. Once they got to their destination they then turned around and hurtled back in the direction from which they came at 70kms an hour. In between, they mesmerized all onlookers with their donut skills and idiosyncrasies. By now the stand-up paddle boarders and kayak paddlers were out in full force, in their Sunday best and they seemed to be using my boat as a turning buoy in the river. Still, some of them were quite cordial as they untangled my lines from their craft and asked me how my fishing was going. Now I remembered why I try not to fish the Maroochy river on the weekends – one of the perks of being a retired, grumpy old man.

In the middle of this chaos some first class whiting were showing a bit of interest in my baits. They were biting in a timid manner, just nibbling at the soldier crabs. I landed 6 quality fish to 34cms but dropped as many at or near the boat. Most were mouth or lip hooked which could explain my high loss rate or maybe it was just one of those days.

When I got back to the ramp at Picnic Point there was a young fellow cleaning his fish which consisted of some whiting, nice sized flathead around the 50cm mark and some good chopper tailor, which surprised me, as it is late in the season for tailor. He said he caught the whiting on yabbies then caught the other species on whiting fillets.

The next Full moon is on Saturday Nov 4, so this week leading in, I will be targeting arm-slapper sand whiting on soldier crabs. There are also some quality tarwhine and bream that seem to have increased in size and numbers in the lower reaches since the rain. For the flathead fisho’s the river is your paradise. There should also be some nice sand crabs as the water clarity improves. Come on all you gunner’s out there get crack’n before the fresh water disappears.

If you have a yarn or a photo to share, please feel free to email me at

Good Luck Mal McKinlay


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