Report 11/1/18

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Report 11/1/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:48 am

Whew! How the hell do we do that to ourselves every year. Food, drink, people, traffic, end of year sales, boxing day sales, beginning of year sales, scorching hot summer days, whinging bored, kids and grumpy old pensioners. The Sunshine Coast becomes a nightmare in paradise for 6 long weeks every year at Christmas time.

But ta-dah! Now we get our River back and we can get ready to catch some quality fish. Without any appreciable rain over the last 3 weeks the river’s clarity is pretty good even on the last of the run out. I believe the week leading into the January 17 Micro new moon should produce some arm slapper whiting, king-size flathead, quality grunter bream and silver trevally.

Because the Maroochy was so busy over the holidays I chose to spend some time on the open beaches along the Kawana and Buddina areas. There are some very good gutters and holes all along this stretch but unfortunately, I only managed a few good size dart around 40cm that were worth a mention. I improved my worm catching skills, though quite by accident. When I got to the beach I realized I had left my worming pliers at home, so I thought, bugger it! I’ll give em a go with my fingers. Well, it was a blessing in disguise, when I started pulling worms every go. I could feel the worms body just behind the ears every time. There is no rush when you have them at the hand bait as they don’t mid you touching them at all. Just try and coax them over your pointing finger then bring your thumb down gently till you can feel their body between finger and thumb, pinch together quickly and lift them from the sand in one movement. Simples! Great therapy and a challenge on your reflex skills.

I tried surf worms and yabbies with the grand kids in the river on the Jan neap tides and though the whiting were small, they seemed to enjoy them just as much as the yabs. So, I’ve decided to give the (live) surf worms a go on the coming Jan New and Full moons along with soldier crabs of course. (I’ll keep you posted). If you have a surplus of beach worms they cure well by dropping them into methylated spirits for a minute or so, dry them off with some paper towel and whack them in the freezer. They go quite rubbery, but present well as a bait and stay on the hook good. They are very useful in the surf for whiting and dart, but I don’t think they would be much chop in the river for those fussy big arm slapper whiting.

Well now that our visitors have had to go back to reality, it’s time to try out all those new Christmas presents. I’ll be fishing for whiting leading into the Jan 17 New moon with soldier crabs and live beach worms and I’m hopeful of a good result. The only problem I have about fishing at this time of the year, is this excessive heat. When I was out with the kids the other day it was 38 degrees in the boat, so I had to put us ashore to cool down in the water. It looks like early morning tides or night fishing only, till it cool downs a bit. Anyway, all you couch potatoes, you won’t catch anything at home in the air conditioning so up and at them.

If you want to share some of your fishing adventures or photos. Please feel free to email me on any time.

Good Luck, Mal McKinlay

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