Report 5/7/19

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Report 5/7/19

Post by subeditor » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:33 pm

With some pretty average conditions offshore, anglers were kept to the rivers and the beach to get there fishing fix.

With all the rain the Coast experienced over the week the Maroochy River has turned to a nice chocolate colour. The good news in the crabs are up and walking, report of good bucks have been coming from upriver with the deeper holes near mangroves the better placement for your pots. The deeper hole will hold more saline waters that the crabs need. Best baits have been mullet and chook frames. With the amount of fresh in the water most anglers are looking for that clear water that comes with the high tides, tailor and trevally have been in numbers around the mouth of the river and moving as far up as the traffic bridge with the bigger tide in the evenings. Slugs like the Halco Twisty have been working well, micro jigs have also been a favourite with the junior anglers, try the Jigpara Jigs from Majorcraft, they come in a great range of colours and sizes. For the bait anglers, small pilchards, whitebait and hardy heads have all worked well, a good tip when using small fish baits is to use small ganged hooks and a bait thread to help keep the baits on the hooks. Flathead have again featured highly on the capture list over the last week with plenty of quality fish between 40 and 60cm taken. Most fish have been taken on soft plastics and the brighter the colour the better. Grubs tails seem to be the most popular and pink and chartreuse are the colours of choice. Best approach in the dirty water is to keep those plastics on the bottom so make sure you use a heavy enough jig head and slow your recovery as much as possible. There are some big bream in the system at the moment with plenty of fish over the 30cm mark, these bigger fish are the breeding stocks so if you get a real big one maybe take a photo and release it so in can breed and insure stocks for the future. These bigger bream are quite difficult to catch and have seen a hook or two in their time so make sure your lures and baits are lightly weighted and fish around structure. Whiting have mainly been taken on the start of the run out tide over the past week, numbers are down a little so good bait is crucial, freshly pumped yabbies, sandworms and soldier crabs are perfect.

On the Beach the swell has made thing a bit tough but the white water does provide cover for the fish so if the wind is not too bad it is worth having a throw. With the bigger evening tide and the new moon there should be the odd jew on offer. Bigger sinkers and bigger baits of pilchard, squid mullet and clumps of worms should see you in with a chance. Tailor and trevally are also cruising the gutters and have been feeding in quite close. Bigger dart seem to be around at the top of tide in the mornings and are feeding on prawns and worms.

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