Freshwater Report 14 Apr 11

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Freshwater Report 14 Apr 11

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:16 am

SOMERSET DAM -- The water is still dirty but it is recovering slowly and as a result the fishing is slowly getting more consistent. The dam is not firing by any means but more fish are being caught more often. Of late the best report has been 11 fish in a days session off Pelican Point using blades in about 20 feet of water and also trolling along the drop offs in this area. As always other points of interest are the Spit, Poly Point and Queen Street is still producing some fish. If you do head out to Somerset it is important to be smart about your fishing and not just toss a lure around and hope for the best. Use your sounder and work through your techniques. I know that when the fish are there but not biting I will try different lures until I get a positive result and then experiment with weights and colours in that lure to find the optimum lure for those fish on that particular day. The red claw are prolific at present so if you don't catch any fish bring the opera house pots along and try your luck.

BORUMBA DAM -- Borumba has begun to show more signs of life since the last report with some schools and active fish located throughout the dam. The size of the Bass are nothing fantastic but at least they are willing to play the game. The second yellow marker bouy has seen some schooling fish with the biggest being around the 40cm mark but most of them are between 30 and 40 cm. Bigger models have been taken targeting the weed edges and close to the bank where grass meets the water line and there is some cover submerged on the edge. Spinnerbaits and blades have been most productive but lipless crankbaits such as mask vibes are terrific searching lures in the shallows so give them a go as well. Further up the dam in the creeks there have been some good reports of some very nice Saratoga being landed in very shallow water. White and yellow spinnerbaits have been the pick, cast to very shallow water (1 -- 2 feet) near some cover like lily pads and you are in with a hope. A few blokes went up the Yabba on quite a warm day last week and landed 55 and 72 cm Togas casting to and through the lily pads. The red claw are also on fire in this dam so get the pots and put them in while you chase
a scale.

LAKE MacDONALD -- On the weekend this dam hosted over 50 competitors for a couple of ABT events so the dam has been hammered. Over 30 fish were landed with the largest being around the 1.25kg mark. The go to technique was to cast to and through the weed, ripping the lure clear and letting it sink a little before retrieving. The areas of interest were Bass Bay and the Three ways. I went up there the week previous and caught 8 Bass in a couple of hours off the Runway using blades and plastics, casting to the weed edges and bouncing the lure through a small school of fish. Many of the fish were hitting the lure clear of the weed, following it and giving it a nudge every so often before hitting not far from the boat. There are reports that the Botanical gardens are hosting a school of fish but there is not much reward for the effort.

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