Freshwater Report 28 May 11

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Freshwater Report 28 May 11

Post by Brad » Sat May 28, 2011 7:47 am

SOMERSET DAM -- In the last fortnight Somerset has continued to be more active with more fishing hitting the deck of the boats wetting a line. There are a few locations that have been producing recently including Pelican point, Bay 13, Poly Point and The Spit. I recently fished at the spit and got 7 nice fish in a short period of time, after that they became a little shut down and tough to tempt. It seems that at Somerset that you are only getting a small window of opportunity to land as many fish as you can before they have had enough. There are some small schools down at the spit in about 9 m of water but they are constantly moving, so long casts have been helpful to that cover more ground. The technique I used that tempted a few half-hearted tugs in the slow periods was to use soft plastics (powerbait t-tail) on a 1/8 oz jighead and slowly roll the lure back to the boat, just enough to keep the tail moving. Blades also worked well. These fish at the spit were not large, 38cm being the largest, but some large 50+ models have been taken around Pelican Point. The fish here are more scattered so you will have to work hard for your fish but the quality is there.

LAKE MACDONALD -- Every year at this time Lake MacDonald start to fire up with big schools being found in key areas of the dam. Because Lake MacDonald is feed by some other creeks and streams the fish in the dam are very instinctual and start to move toward the dam wall trying to get down stream to breed. The breeding period for bass is in the cooler months and this coincides with the closed season in local rivers. Last year the Botanical Gardens was the place to be with a very large school of bass located in the area. This maybe the place to be again as the weather gets cooler. At present there are some fish on the Botanical Garden side of the runway in about 4 -- 5 m of water. Berkley Big eyes and other blade lures have been successful tempting these fish. There are many smaller fish being caught but there are some large fish in amongst them, so keep ploughing through them to get a good reward. The point at the end of bass bay is also housing some fish but not to the same degree in terms of size or quantity.

EWEN MADDOCK DAM -- Reports are hard to come by for this dam but Kayak Fishing Down Under went for a run and landed 20 plus fish with many of them legal length. As I have said previously in this report there are some enormous bass in this dam but they can be hard to come by. This dam is slowly getting back to better days with the help of the Fish stocking group that are doing a fantastic job replenishing the stocks of this special little fishery. This group has already had a release that has proven to be successful at this stage. The stocking group are now setting their sights on Baroon Pocket Dam, another wonderful and picturesque dam on the coast. These groups do not exist without funding and support from commercial, government and community entities. The Ewen Maddock group are always looking for support especially in the way of community members. There is a small fee of $25 dollars which is mainly for insurance purposes. I encourage any person who has fished or would like to fish Ewen or Baroon frequently to get involved because in the long run it will benefit you.

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