Freshwater Report 18 Jun 11

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Freshwater Report 18 Jun 11

Post by Brad » Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:36 am

SOMERSET DAM -- Over the weekend 20 odd teams headed out to Somerset Dam for a tournament and many fish were caught which was pleasing to see. Most of the fish were caught up in the sticks casting to the banks. The winning team were casting their lures up onto a bank in about 15 feet of water and working them down the bank as it dropped away into deeper water. Jackals, blades and spinnerbaits were proving to be lethal with some fish up to 2kg being landed in these areas. Use your sounder to find these drop-offs in the sticks and if there is some rocky terrain around it will increase your chances of landing a fish. I fished up the other end of the dam where I had found some fish a few weeks earlier. As a result I got a bag that placed me in the top 5 for that session. So there are fish throughout the dam but I would be heading up to the sticks to find a better concentration of fish.

BORUMBA DAM -- Some fish are starting to school in the main basin but they are not yet in large numbers or in large sizes. To get some better fish target the edges where the water is a bit warmer, concentrate on 10 -- 15 feet of water. Spinnerbaits, jackals and blades in these areas and you should get some success.

LAKE MACDONALD -- This dam is starting to really produce some good numbers and now some good quality. The reports are that down at the 3 ways up against the weeds there are some fish hitting anything on offer. A capture of 15 fish yielded many fish between 40 and 50 cm. If this area does not fire try down at the runway is shallow-ish water and around the Botanical Gardens. This dam has a reputation of producing large hauls of fish but it is pleasing to see that we are starting to see some large models caught like we did a few years back.

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