Weekly Report 5 Jul 11

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Weekly Report 5 Jul 11

Post by Brad » Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:54 pm

SOMERSET DAM -- Well Somerset has begun to return to some normal fishing patterns and the water is becoming much more clear and with this cold weather it should speed the process along a little. An example of some of the clarity is up in the sticks in the shallows you can actually see the fish swimming something my young son thought was amazing. It was also interesting and pleasing to see the number of dead and dying Talapia there were on the banks, floating and some of them on their last legs in the water. Our little expedition yielded little on the day we went for a trip into the timbered area of the dam. We were not there for hat long and the weather was awful so we didn't fish that hard. There are fish still up in the sticks, however, the numbers and size have shrunk somewhat from the previous 3 weeks. If you do venture up into this part of the dam use spinner baits and jackals and cast them as close as you can to the very edge and slowly wind your lure back so that you are keeping it as close to the bottom as you can. Also, try and fish banks that are slow slopping and are near some deeper water.

There are many areas in the sticks where the banks drop off into the old river bed and these areas will hold some fish. With the fish thinning out in the timbered area they are beginning to make their way down to the main basin and dam wall areas trying to get to the brackish to spawn (which they cannot do in impoundments). With this in mind look for schools in the areas of Pelican point, the Spit, Bay 13 and even Poly point. These schools are only small at present and can be difficult to find so sound around or troll until you see some arches on the sounder. In the coming weeks you will find that these schools will thicken and become quite large with some absolute monsters in them. I find that August and September is best as the schools are formed and they are ready to feed again. Use blades, ice jigs, soft jackals and plastics on 1/8 oz jigheads for good results. The best report from the past fortnight is around Queens Street where a couple of fellas caught 8 Bass with the smallest being 55cm to the fork. That's a good days fishing!

BORUMBA DAM -- This dam is beginning to really frustrate anglers with the hit and miss nature of the fishing. A mate of mine was there last weekend and caught over 50 fish for around 6 hours fishing over the 2 days. There were some models landed that were over the 50 cm milestone. I went up there during the week and was able to get only one fish with a couple of missed bites. I thought it might be me but I have since spoken to another experienced fishermen who also said that for their expedition they only landed 3 fish. A little disappointing! There are some schools now forming in the main basin with good numbers of fish so it will depend on the day you go and the attitude of the fish on that day. The areas to concentrate your search are at both the yellow marker buoys (9-12m) and the boat ramp side of the weed bed off the first main point (5m). Ice Jigs, blades and soft plastics have been the pick of the weapons to use. It would also pay to keep an eye on the junction area as the fish come from the creeks down to the main basin you mind find that they will hold in the timbered area where the 2 creeks meet. There are some fish there but they are suspended and difficult to target, but check there if the crowds begin to target the schools in the basin.

LAKE MACDONALD -- There are some good reports coming from this dam at present with some big numbers and solid fish being landed. The bubble trail and botanical gardens have schooling fish and Bass bay and the three ways have fish tight to the weed. The fish in and near the weed are the better quality fish and are more fun to catch as you will have to cast into the weed, rip it out and wait for the strike. Once they have the lure it is a heap of fun trying to extract them from the weed. The schooling fish love soft plastics, blades and ice jigs whereas the weed dwellers are going for lipless crankbaits and blades. I am heading up there early next week so I will let you all know how I go.

EWEN MADDOCK -- Few people are fishing the dam at present but one lucky young man managed to snag himself a mid 50's bass out of the dam recently on a blade. The main boat ramp is closed now for health and safety reasons but you can still access the dam through the picnic area. In my last report on this dam I mentioned that there is some work being done around restocking Baroon Pocket dam. I have since spoken to the group behind this and they have said that everything is going ahead well and they are lodging some paperwork to ensure that everything will run smoothly.

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