Weekly Report 7 Aug 11

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Weekly Report 7 Aug 11

Post by Brad » Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:44 pm

A tough weekend of fishing just past where anglers really had to try and get a couple of fish of each spot to secure a feed. It meant using more fuel to get around the area looking for small schools of fish and with the regular spots running a no show sometimes it meant no fish at all. Pearl perch were around but most of them were barely legal and it was difficult to find cobia or good snapper around the traps. A few tuskfish were taken but the big surprise was the schools of tuna out past Murphy's and through to Caloundra WIde. Long tails were feeding on big bait schools but they were shy and did not attack slugs cast out to them. There was also a lack of quality bait around and most schools that we found ended up being chopper tailor in their hundreds. The moon phase this week will see some big tidal runs and with the water temperature around 20 degrees on the surface it is going to make for an interesting week. School mackerel are around Moffat beach headland and off Kings Beach chasing bait. The drummer or black fish are also in numbers around the Boardwalk so grab your weed or cabbage and get down there.

The beaches still hold good numbers of small dart and whiting with a few healthy bream taking baits meant for tailor. The mulloway catches have slowed over the past couple of weeks and the only way to get them at the moment is too really put in the late evenings fishing. Those that love their crabs it is all good news with a strong numbers around in the Mooloolah & Noosa River systems. Dare I say that it may also be worth taking a light spin outfit down to Moffat & Kings beaches in case the mackerel schools or tuna come that way in the next week or so.

The Pumistone Passage is quiet with most species except bream. Just legal fish are being taken right throughout the mouth of the Caloundra Bar down to the back end of Coochin Creek. The canals in Pelican Waters are also worth a run with your soft plastics or smaller Damiki hard bodied lures. Old mate is still catching his daily happy moments at Military Jetty. So far I have not seen him miss a weekdays fishing and boy does he get cranky when people discard the happy moments. Always happy to remind people that overseas they are considered a luxury and fetch a high price at market. This week fish the full moon particularly the high tides around dusk for flathead, tailor and bream in the passage.

On a sour note it is worth mentioning the bully tactics of one particular charter operator over the weekend. It seems that they believe that they have the only right to fish certain areas and took a calm approach to entering areas where many others were fishing (well before their arrival) and pulling up less than a meter on occasions from other boats forcing them to move or be run over. I witnessed this on no less than 4 occassions and watched as other anglers that were working a patch of reef without issues, had to quickly stop fishing and get out of the charters road as they decided to plonk right on top of the mark regardless of who was around. Stupidly they only stayed long enough to annoy everyone and assert their authority and then left without taking a fish. If I see this again you idiot, I will name your charter. I have decided not to this week because I know you read this weekly report and I will give you only one grace period. Fortunately I don't speak on behalf of the many others who are reporting your actions to water police. Fishing will be much of the same for the coming week so really plan your trip carefully to areas where there are plenty of options. Have Fun!

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