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Weekly Report 28 Aug 11

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:20 am
by Brad
Offshore anglers have some opportunities this week with the seas and wind slowing down. We have the benefit of the new moon and some huge tidal flows which should see the fish wake up along with the inevitable dirty water line that will come up because of the run off from recent rain so, we should be looking good for a fish. Not a lot of reports from last week as you would expect so we let's focus on what to target in the coming days. The evening high tides will be worth trying the deeper waters and some of the closer reefs for reefies. The new moon is a good tide to target snapper, emperor and pearl perch so consider these species when making a plan. Personnally this week would be the week to head out into the deep water areas and fish through the day for the mentioned species. The Barwon Banks and Basault Knob will certainly here from us as the week progresses along with Wide Caloundra. There will be some quality cobia and kingfish smashing baits and lures this week so plenty to look forward to. Tuna schools will be out and about so remember to keep a spin rod ready to go at all times with a slug or plastic attached.

The estuaries will heat up as the week progresses particularly after the rain as the bream, flathead and trevally move out of the deeper areas to tackle the bait schools living around the pylons and jetties. Target mulloway in the dirty estuary waters this week as they will use the colour to sneek right up close to the bait areas all day and night long. Worms and big prawns are killer baits on these great fighters so it is worth spending some money to get the fresh stuff. Live mullet and pike will also do a top job if you can get them. Mangrove jack are already showing their heads but it is very early in the season so don't expect to get one everytime at the moment. There are plenty of chopper tailor within the estuary system and they are best target using small poppers or 10-15g chrome slugs on very light spin gear. The beaches will take around a week to recover from the recent poundings so switch to the headlands for a better chance of getting a fish.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I would include some recent photos of the Caloundra Coast Guard Fishing Competition so that you can enjoy the calibre of fish caught. I am happy to say that this can commence this week. The delay has been caused by waiting for the magazine to use what they want so that we don't double up. Have Fun!