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Freshwater Report

Post by Brad » Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:53 am

SOMERSET DAM -- Over the weekend Somerset hosted the last round of the ABT Bass Pro Qualifying events which saw around 120 anglers hit the water for 3 sessions of fishing over 2 days. It was a great event with many fish being landed with some absolute monsters hitting the scales. One of the anglers weighed in a fish that tipped the scales at 3.53 kg which makes it the largest fish landed in these events. The encouraging thing was that the dam fished well in a few different locations so the fish weren't all being pressured in one area. The consistently bigger fish came from an area I have rarely fished, if ever, this was a small flat out from the first island when heading out from Kirkleagh in the main basin. This flat is in about 30 feet of water and ice jigs proved to be the killer lure along with the new keitech plastics rigged on heavier 3/8 jigheads. The big fish however came from Poly point where there has been some quality fish netted in the past few weeks.

Once again it is around 30 feet and the fish are responding well to ice jigs and blades in this area. Another area that is still seeing fish landed but not to the same quality is Queen Street. In this area target the small number of trees close to the bank with jigs and blades. There is a solid school there but the fish are smaller. The last few areas where there are some fish are off Pelican point in about 6 m of water but they are difficult to tempt and also at the very start of the sticks.

BORUMBA DAM -- This dam has seen some good catches over the past fortnight with some quality fish being caught. The 2 yellow marker buoys have fish around them but target the bank ide of these markers as this seems to hold a better concentration of active fish. Across from the boat ramp also has a small number of fish in little patches but some of these fish have been quite respectable even though there are not a great deal there. The best areas to target are at the junction of the creeks in the timber and more recently up in the Borumba arm of the dam. There are some bigger schools of fish in this area and they are much more responsive that fish in other parts of the dam. The use of your sounder is vital as schooled fish can be there one minute and gone the next. Use blades ice jigs and plastics and you should land a few of fish for your trip. The Yabba arm has produced the odd Saratoga of late in the afternoons once the water has warmed through the day. Walk the dog retrieves with lures such as Maria MP1's and ultiva Zip 'n' Ziggy's have proven successful along with the more expensive Anthrax lures. Often you can spot the fish in amongst or close to structure such as weed beds, cast to them let it sit for a moment and then start the retrieve, this is an effective technique.

LAKE MACDONALD -- This great little fishery has been firing of late with schools of fish being located is different areas throughout the dam. The bubble trail is the go to place of late with the fish schooling up between the bubbles and the bank of runway point. On some days you will find more than one school in this area and it is not uncommon to catch a fish every cast. The Botanical Gardens is also another area of interest where the fish have become more concentrated however these fish can often be undersized and you will have to plough through them to get to some more quality fish. Finally in bass bay at the edge of the weed there is another school there that is active and taking most offerings. The fish in MacDonald are hard fighters and there are some big fish in the dam and best of all it never seems to be busy.

RIVERS & CREEKS -- The Bass season is open in the creeks and river systems and if we don't have any more significant rain then we should be in for a fantastic season. Recently some smaller fish were taken in Bluegum creek near Beerwah on Ecogear sx 40's and some bigger fish were taken up in the Stanley close to Peachester using spinnerbaits with yellow or brighter colours proving to be effective. The fish haven't been huge but fun none the less.

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