Weekly Report 12 Sep 11

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Weekly Report 12 Sep 11

Post by Brad » Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:32 am

Plenty of activity on the water over the past week with big schools of bait bringing on the mack tune and small varieities. These tuna are weighing in at around 6-7kg and they are just solid muscle so make sure your gear is up to the challenge. A 20-30g chrome or gold slug is all you need on a small leader of around 40lb mono attached to the main line via a clip or swivel and you are ready for action. We chased them as far up as Coolum on Sunday and as far down as Bray's Rock in Caloundra. The first cast of the day saw a good 6kg mack tuna pull a stack of line from the reel and the smile on my mates face get bigger. Light spin gear is all you need and the lighter the better.

Last week with the new moon tides the fish came on in big numbers. Snapper, pearl perch, parrot and emperor were all taken from the reef areas at Wide Caloundra and for those that wanted to catch a few the cobia were smashing everything in their path. The next day though they shut down and you had to work hard for a result. The bait schools out around the reef areas at the moment are just incredible. I am sure you have heard the saying, "thick as thieves", well this is close to the huge numbers everywhere you go and most of them are yakkas. Sadly when the bait is that thick it is difficult to get you fish to stand out in a bunch of a thousand or more. Maybe a tattoo may have helped! This week it will be worth a shot on the reefs again because of the cold change we are experiencing. Work the areas out around WIde Caloundra through to the Barwon Banks in about 60m+ for the reef species. Murphy's with the early morning high tides that are coming should also be an early morning target for boaties.

On shore you shoud be fishing around the Mooloolaba rock walls for bream, mulloway and tuna or along the La Balsa Park area for any number of bread and butter varieties. Mangrove Jack are showing their worth around the areas of McKenzies bridge and quite a few mud crabs have been taken within the Mooloola River system. Caloundra and the Pumistone Passage has bream around the Boardwalk on the top or bottom of the tide and still a few straggler drummer. Tarwhine and bream can be caught along the sand beach outside the lifesavers hut on Bulcock beach and further towards Happy Valley is the spot for the whiting or if you can get across fish for them off the northern tip of Bribie Island.

There were plenty of anglers fishing from the rocks of Shelly's and Moffat Beach on the weekend but we did not see to many fish caught. Kings Beach is the spot for whiting once the swimmers have departed and you may even have a chance at a spotty mackerel or sweetlip. The Caloundra Bar has trevally and big flathead but you will need big live herring or pike to really get these fighters interested at the moment. The whiting are also around the back of Bell's creek and down along the weed beds heading south towards Coochin Creek. Fish the jetties such as Military and the pontoon at Gemini Towers for all of the bread and butter species and you may even get some live bait around them in the morning.

The week ahead will be a cracker for estuary, rock and offshore fishing so make a day of it and have fun!
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