Weekly Report 18 Sep 11

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Weekly Report 18 Sep 11

Post by Brad » Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:22 am

SOMERSET DAM -- The fishing in this dam has become quite consistent with good sessions being recorded and some quality in that also. A recent trip there after the ABT event saw us land 3 fish all between 50 and 55cm and very healthy. There were plenty of other fish caught but these fish were the standouts. The go to spot at present is Kirkleagh Point not far from the bottom boat ramp. The fish are hanging around the flat that runs off this point and are responding well to ice jigs mainly. There is a heap of fish in this area but they may be patchy at times although you shouldn't find it hard to locate a small school to target. Poly point and Queens Street have also been areas to frequent as these areas also have scattered fish throughout that are willing to play the game.

As we enter the warmer period of the year you will find that these concentrations of fish will thin out, however the up side to this is that they do become much more aggressive and willing to feed as they have been in their breeding pattern for the last few months and have been reluctant to eat. At present you will find schools that will have some decent fish in them but a lot of the fish are on the smaller side. Target the edges of these schools with soft jackals and blades as more often than not the larger models are hanging on the outer of the concentration of fish. Also I find that if you fish the shallow side of the school closer to the bank that bigger fish are generally the result.

BORUMBA DAM -- There have been few reports from this dam over the past few weeks as they have been experiencing some very windy days on the water. A trusted bass man in the area commented that the water from the dam was being thrown at him due to the strength of the wind. Fish have been found in the junction and at the 2 yellow marker buoys with ice jigs and blades being the go to lures. I always check across from the boat ramp at this time of year as there is often fish hanging off the edge of the sticks not far from the bank. Saratoga have started to show their heads as the water and the general weather gets warmer. These are fantastic fish to target and are a memorable fight every time so make sure you get out there as we head into summer. I like Anthrax, Sammy 65's and maria surface lures for targeting these fish.

Lake MacDONALD -- The fishing this year over the enter winter period has been really good and as the water heats up it would be expected that the fishing would become even better. A look around the bubble trail will see you in with a chance of a yellow belly as this area have seen some good catches of late. Bass bay, the 3 ways, botanical gardens and the main weed point have seen fish being taken with regular monotony. Blades, ice jigs and especially plastics are lures that work really well for me in this dam.

I like to use the new keitech grubs on a 3/8oz jig head slow rolled through the schools or cast to the edge of the weed. When casting at the weed I will often downsize my jig head to let it flutter down the face of the weed rather that plummet to the bottom too fast for the fish to react to it. 50cm fish have been recorded of late which gives the indication that the dam is getting back to its former glory of a few years back when 45 -- 55cm fish were more the norm rather than the exception. Lake MacDonald can also turn it on as a topwater fishery but we are a few weeks away from that. As the bugs start to come out don't be afraid to whack on surface lure as it is great fun when they are firing on this technique.

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Re: Weekly Report 18 Sep 11

Post by Jacob » Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:49 pm

I have had a lot of luck at Lake MacDonald, it was a good year for sure. Ice jigs did the trick for me, I have never caught so many fish in one place.

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