Weekly Report 18 Sep 11

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Weekly Report 18 Sep 11

Post by Brad » Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:54 am

What a week for holiday makers and fishermen. We have had the perfect run of weather enabling everyone to enjoy the sensational fishing and boating areas that the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Plenty of fish have also been taken in the past few days and there will be plenty more in the coming week.

Murphy's Reef: Murphy's was like a city in the later parts of the week with parrot, pearl perch, squire and cod all being caught. Moses perch have also come on the chew and they can be found around the Gneerings Shoal right down to Caloundra 5 & 7 mile reefs. Still a few quality snapper around for those that put in the time on the tide changes either in the morning or afternoon. This week ahead will see some good opportunities to target snapper on the closer reef areas. Drifting is a great way to pick up parrot and moses perch along with some pearlies. The areas around the blinker off Mooloolaba are also producing some nice reefies with an occassional kingfish being taken on a floater or jig. The blinker is around 9km east of Point Cartwright.

Barwon Banks: Towards the Basault Knob there are stacks of pearl perch and teralgin or trag jew. We were bringing them up two at a time on paternosta rigs baited with pilchards on Friday afternoon during the mid morning tide change and then throughout the afternoon. The fish were all around 80cm in length well within the legal size of 38cm with a bag limit of 5. They are not great eating but ok to catch and try fresh. There are still cobia around but when a heap of boats get on the one spot they shut down because of the noise and continual harrasement. Generally it is better to go away and come back later. The middle of the Banks is holding plenty of live bait and schools of big snapper, iodine bream, emperor and parrot. Paternosta rigs are the best choice for fishing these areas at the moment but if you anchor on the tide change then be sure to stick out a floating live or dead bait for whatever may be cruising past.

There are a heap of whales out around the Banks so be sure to observe the required 100m buffer zone. Not only does it spook the whales if you charge towards them it can also be very dangerous so take care. You will also notice a lot of flying fish on the way out and these are basically a mullet with wings. The southern end of the banks around the steps, so names because it steps down in 10m intervals, is a top place to target parrot and cod. Be aware though that this area has a very hard and rought bottom and is particularly tough on gear. The Tiger Kelly (fish wreck) is fairly ordinary at the moment with a lot of undersize pearl perch on it. There is still kingfish that stay around but they spook easily. The water depth is 120m so it is a fairly good work out to fish these areas.

Caloundra Wide has been producing some big pearl perch with fish of 4-5kg common place if you know the spots, back that up with a good feed of parrot and moari cod and you will have a top day out there. The area around the Kosi is holding kingfish and smaller pearlies very similar to that which is being caught around the Tiger Kelly. Work the 60m areas around the Caloundra 12 mile area for reefies and don't be surprised if you see large schools of bait hanging around most of which are yakkas and chopper tailor.

Currimundi Reef will be worth a look throughout the week as there should be plenty of tuna schools around so you will never know what may be about. There are already boats that fish with floaters out for mackerel and cobia all day long. You can always have a troll between Currimundi, Rapers Shoal and through to Brays Rock outside of the Moffat Beach headland.

Caloundra particularly around the coffee rock area on the northern tip of Bribie Island down past the lighthouse is still holding mulloway and cobia. They are better targeted on an evening tidal change but can be taken through the day. Tarwhine, big toadies and small rat kings are also hanging around the beacons not far from this position. Drifting the deeper water can reward you with squire, parrot and other reef species. The 60m marks out wider hold all the reef species but the close reefs like the 5 & 7 mile are pretty dead throughout the day so move deeper.

RIght around the reefs you will need to move from one spot to the other to pick up a good feed. Don't fall into the trap of sitting on one spot and not moving because it will be very undproductive. When things get quiet move around and target the big mack tuna because they are one hell of a fight and are averaging around 6-7kg. Great week ahead but with calm conditions the fishing can slow at times. Pick the best periods and zip out get a feed and come home to enjoy the holidays. Have Fun!
Brad with a pan size snapper taken at the Banks.JPG
The average size of snapper at the moment
Damien with a big cobia taken out wide
fish 005.jpg
Mark with another quality cod

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