Weekly FRESHWATER Report 6 Oct 11

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Weekly FRESHWATER Report 6 Oct 11

Post by Brad » Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:26 pm

SOMERSET DAM -- Well this dam just continues to impress me with the way in which it can come back from adversity and once again produce some astonishing catches and amazing quality. Most freshwater fishermen were worried that the floods could have put a hault on their favourite pastime for a while longer as some dams have yet to recover from the natural disaster at the start of the year. Somerset has certainly recovered and the proof is in the pudding. In the last few weeks there have been a few large competitions on the dam where the ABT record books have been broken over and over again. In the last report I mentioned that the new ABT bass record is 3.53 kg, well this has been broken and now stands at an incredible 3.65kg. The quality in the dam is outstanding with fish up to and over 50cm becoming more the norm than the exception. On a family trip over the week we managed to bag some quality fish in the short periods we fished. In all we landed 5 fish over the 45cm mark with some just nudging the 50cm milestone and most of the other fish being between 40 and 45cm. There are 3 areas in the dam that are producing regular catches but 2 of these areas are not giving up the larger fish. The sticks in Queen Street are responding to ice jigs and blades that are being vertically jigged and the small island off Kirkleagh Point is firing with most fish being landed on blades and plastics. The trollers in this area are doing the better with more strikes and fish being landed than the cast and retrieve boys. The go to lure to troll is the RMG Poltergeist is purple diving to 8m. The fish here are in around 8-10m of water and are a bit patchy in their concentrations as this area has been hammered by bass pro's, however there are still fish in this location.

By far the best place to target is the spit side of Pelican Point towards Beams creek. There is a huge school of fish here and the quality is unbelievable. They're sitting right along this stretch of bank in anywhere between 7m to 13m of water. What we found was that in the morning we would start shallow and then slowly drift out into deeper water as the morning drew on. In the afternoon we would do the reverse with effective results in each session we had. The technique that was by far the best was to rig a smoke yellow core (Atomic) /Gary Glitter/Black Gold (Squidgy) or the Keitech plastics on a 1/8oz jighead and slowly let it sink to the bottom before gently winding the lure back with small twitches before a pause. It was just after the pause the fish were hitting it. The other technique and lure that was effective was vertically jigging and casting a River 2 Sea Glassie Vib. These lures are fairly in expensive and have a great action a good quality appearance and most importantly they do catch fish. Finally the redclaw are starting to become much easier to catch than they have been in the cooler months. Rockmelon and corn in about 4-5m of water was working beautifully.

BORUMBA DAM -- Borumba has been fairly consistent of late with most fishermen catching some fish during their outing. Borumba has been experiencing some warmer days of late and the high pressure systems that we have had has meant that the fish are starting to head closer to the banks and begin to gather themselves on the edges near timber or in most cases near weed beds. They will also school up off rocky points in the rivers where they can be easily be targeted with spinnerbaits, plastics and also suspending minnows that will dive to around 2m and hold there. Cast to the edges with these lures let it sink a little, give it a few twitches then pause for a moment then slowly wind, then pause etc. You will often find after that pause the bass will smash it. Reports this week have the fish in close to the weed beds and the banks on the left hand side of the dam from the boat ramp. There are 2 nice schools out from the rocky wall and up closer to the first weed point of the dam. The depths range from 3m -- 8m so use your sounder to find them. The quality in the dam has been good some 2.5kg models being landed with some consistency. As the weather continues to get warmer the Saratoga begin to become active in the shallows of the creeks of this dam and this is an exciting time as these fish are great fun to catch. If you don't have them already get your hands on some surfaces lures such as Cultiva Zip'n'Ziggy's, Maria MP 50's, Mazy Poppers and some sub-surface lures like the Anthraxes.

LAKE MACDONALD -- Macca's has been firing lately with some big bags being recorded of some quality fish. The main areas to focus on are the 3 ways where TN 60's ripped through the weeds and paused has been successful, the bubble trail jigging ice jigs and blades and runway point where there has been a school of fish that are hard against the weed in the area. Use plastics (1/8oz), blades (1/4oz) and TN 60's up close or into the edge of the weed and give it a few tugs of the rod before slowly winding out with a little pause and then repeat the process.

BAROON POCKET -- Baroon has been fishing OK with some solid 40cm fish being recorded. Concentrate on the edges around points using blades and you should have some success. CREEKS/RIVERS -- Now that the closed season is now open many of us are hitting our local waterways in search of some hungry post spawning fish and we are not being let down. The hinterland creeks have seen plenty of big bass being landed which is tremendous fun up in the sticks of these often overgrown rivers. The upper reaches of Coochin creek has seen some horse bass being landed and lost along with some favourite lures. Exciting Times!!!

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