Weekly FRESHWATER Report 20 Oct 11

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Weekly FRESHWATER Report 20 Oct 11

Post by Brad » Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:42 pm

SOMERSET DAM -- The fishing at Somerset is still very good with some good catches of quality and quantity. There are 4 areas where there have been some consistent catches of fish. Firstly Poly Point has been productive using blades, soft plastics and ice jigs. The mouth of Beams creek and the northern bank that runs up to Pelican Point have been very productive as there is a large school of fish patrolling this area. They are in water from around 10 feet out to about 50 feet and they are responding well to soft plastics on 1/4oz and 3/8oz jigheads. What has worked in the last few weeks is punching out a long cast letting the plastic sink to the bottom then slowly rolling back to the boat and then about half way back open the bail arm and let it float back to the bottom.

The fish have been smashing it on the drop. Blades, ice jigs and soft jackals have also been productive in this area. Another area of interest is the large 10m deep flat that runs out from the point of Kirkleagh. The fish here have begun to thin out however there are some small patches still being sounded in the area and ice jigs along with plastics have produced for the patient angler. A good way to fish this area is to troll a deep diving lure like a blitz baga or poltergeist as you will cover plenty of ground and increase your chances of locating fish. The last place that has been producing is the area near the power lines up in the timbered area of the dam. This time of year will see the schools begin to disperse and the fish start to head back up into sheltered areas such as the timber and rocky banks. We fished the powerline area last week hitting the slow sloping, timber and grassy banks using suspending lures such as jackal chubbys and squirrels. We cast to the bank gave the lure a few jerks to get it down in the water and then we would pause. After the pause we would give it a slight roll before pausing again. Most of the strikes happened after a pause.

BORUMBA DAM -- Borumba's fish are starting to head back up the creeks away from the main basin so it is time to think about starting in these areas. The key area at this point is the junction of the creeks in the timbered areas. There have been some good reports of fish being found, targeted and caught in this area using ice jigs and plastics (1/4oz & 3/8oz). As the weather warms up target the banks with spinner baits, jackals and plastics as the water is warmer in the shallows and the active fish are more likely to be in these areas eager to feed. Borumba is a great dam as it allows you to try many tactics and landscapes to get a capture. If the shallows are not working for you try hitting some of the steep rocky banks with plastics and suspending lures like chubbys, squirrles and 3B crankbaits as these have proven lethal at this time of year. Finally there have been reports of a few more Saratoga getting caught and seen lurking in the shallows. This is a great sign as the weather is only beginning to heat up which means as we head into summer the fishing should improve for these prehistoric fish.

LAKE MACDONALD -- There have not been a lot of reports this fortnight from Macca's but fish are still being caught in 2 key locations. The three ways have seen some nice bags being landed using soft jackals in a jigging motion close to the weed. The fish are starting to look for a bit of cover now so it is vital that the weed edges and pockets are targeted as this will provide you with the best opportunity to catch some fish. ass point has also seen some fish being located and caught on blades mainly but plastics are a good option also in this area.

CREEKS/RIVERS -- The Stanley River has been firing in the past few weeks with some massive hauls of fish being taken of multiple species. There are a few areas of this system that can be accessed by canoe or kayak. Near the Woodford bridge is one option and fish have been landed up from here and also near the Woodford jail is another good option. A friend recently put his kayak in at the jail and fished up from there. His haul for the day was near 40 bass, around 10 yellas and 1 Cod. The bass were on the smaller side but some reasonable fish were taken. The yellas were much larger with some cracking the 50cm mark. The Cod was only small but any Cod caught in a kayak on a lure is great fun.

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