Weekly FRESHWATER Report 24 Nov 11

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Weekly FRESHWATER Report 24 Nov 11

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:34 am

SOMERSET DAM -- Somerset is still fishing quite well however the schools have begun to scatter and be less dense and on some days they can be hard to locate. The quantity of fish that are being caught has been diminished a little although the quality is still there. The main area to concentrate your efforts is around Pelican Point. The schools that are being found are in varying depths of water depending on the time of day. Generally what is happening is earlier in the morning the fish are heading into the shallows around 12ft or less and then heading to the deeper water as the sun gets higher during the day. What we are finding is that once you have located the fish it is important to back off them a little and punch out long casts past the fish and then work the lure back through them. This is a good technique also if the fish are scattered as you are able to cover a lot ground. Vary the speed of your retrieve and use hops and pauses as what works one day may not work the next. I find that a real slow retrieve close to the bottom is the most effective retrieve in most cases as Somerset Bass get hammered a fair bit and often need the lure in their face a little longer before they will strike.

BORUMBA DAM -- There are some real positive signs from this dam at present with some schooling bass being located and some hungry Saratoga now beginning to really fire. The bass are being taken in the junction of the creeks amongst the sticks using spinnerbaits and ice jigs when the schools are found. If you can get your hands on Motty's new Smak ice jigs then you will do well as the fish in the dam in this area are loving these lures at present. The "'Toga" have been on the chew with the weather heating up and multiple catches are now becoming much more common. The area to target these great sport fish is up the Yabba Arm of the dam up the very back where it gets quite shallow. Cultiva Zip'n'Ziggies are proving lethal from early to late morning and later in the afternoon. During the day spinnerbaits are effective in purple, white and chartreuse colours.

LAKE MACDONALD -- Lake MacDonald is still recording some solid catches with most anglers coming away with some fish in boat at days end. There is still a school of bass off the point of bass bay which are responding well to blades and plastics. The three ways and the bubble trail have seen some solid bass being landed with the odd Yellowbelly to 40cm here and there.

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