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Post by Brad » Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:13 pm

SOMERSET DAM -- Well it is only good news from Somerset at the minute with most anglers getting amongst some quality fish in a number of areas around the dam. It has been quite common over the last few weeks for anglers to land up to and in excess of 50 fish. Guys trolling have been getting the big numbers with some big fish in amongst them however the lure casters have probably had the best of it as far as quality goes. If trolling is your go look for lures that will dive between 5 and 10m. Lures such as Blitz Bagas, Poltergeist and Viking lures have proven to be the most successful. Lures that dive deep but have a slim profile are increasing the catch rate also.

Those of you that like to cast a few lures around then your selection should be based around plastics, suspending lures, ice jigs and ZX40's. The fish are sitting suspended
between 5 and 10m of water and occasionally deeper so plastics rigged on fairly light jig heads (1/6 or 1/8) will give you a good chance to work the lure through the different areas of the water column. Jigging ZX40's will allow you to work the fish that are closer to the bottom and have accounted for some nice yellow belly also. The suspending lures like the Jackal Chubby's and Berkley 3B Crankbaits are working really well on the fish sitting up against the steep rock walls in the timbered area of the dam. Now for locations.

Pelican Point is red hot at the minute with big bags of fish being landed and some sessions have seen some blokes get 6 or 7 fish over the 50cm mark. I went up and got 40 bass with only a few being of any quality but I did get some really good yellow belly using ZX40's and white core rippers rigged on 1/8 oz atomic jig heads. There are some nice schools all across Pelican Point so you shouldn't have any drama finding fish. The northern end of bay thirteen has some patches of fish that are responding well to most offerings. The point off of Eagles nest also has some fish that have been active over the past week or so. If you have a go at any of these locations success is almost guaranteed.

BORUMBA DAM -- Most of the action in this dam is centred around the junction of the 2 creeks and up in the very upper reaches of the creeks. Bass are being taken at the junction on ice jigs, spinnerbaits and blades but you will have to look hard to find good concentrations of fish. The quality is very hit and miss at the moment with anglers hitting a spot and getting some nice fish one day and then returning the next to only pull up smaller fish. The Toga are probably the best option at present as they are being seen lurking in the shallows quite often and are eager to take most offerings if presented in the right place at the right time.

CREEKS & RIVERS -- From all reports the rivers and creeks around the sunshine coast have continue to fire. The Stanley River is producing some very nice yellow belly up to 55cm and the odd Cod is being put in the kayak/canoe. Spinner baits are the best option in these creeks as they will allow you to target the structure with less chance of snagging and increasing your chance of landing a fish. What is exciting is that as the weather becomes warmer and the bugs become more prevalent surface fishing becomes a more viable and often productive method of fishing. I often just walk the local creeks and rivers of the hinterland with surface lures and find that my success rate is quite high and the fishing is awesome fun.

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