Weekly Report 2 Jan 12

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Weekly Report 2 Jan 12

Post by Brad » Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:49 am

Happy New Year to everyone, now lets get down to the fishing. There are some quality mangrove jacks around Currimundi Lake and McKenzies bridge areas at the moment. If you can't get them on lures them try live poddy mullet but hang on. I have found the 90mm squidgy wriggler the best soft plastic for jack and flathead at the moment or anything in a pumpkinseed colour. There are lots of just legal flathead around the sand flats and channel drop offs near the Caloundra Powerboat Club. It is a matter of casting and casting until you find where they are lying in wait. Military Jetty has herring and that means flathead and bream will be around on the tide changes. The best time to hit this area is just on dawn or after last light. The bridge at Pelican Waters has trevally and jack but you need to be right on the tide change very early in the morning or forget it. Great to see the bait fish back around the place which will mean better fishing in the days to come. The Boardwalk in Caloundra is still the spot for trevally and larger bream but you will need to be set up early to get a spot during the holiday periods.

Offshore is going to rock this week with high tides in the evenings right on dusk and the same in the early part of the mornings along with the full moon phase as well. This is prime fishing time and from Friday onwards it should be terrific out there. Mackerel are around Old Women's Island and the Gneerings right through to the spoil grounds out from Caloundra. Work the channel markers and the edge of the drop offs around them while trolling either your lures or baits. A dead troll with livies attached will be much more effective at this time of year. Small mack tuna schools are everywhere and they are the best fun on super light gear. Terrific sport for the kids and exciting for them as there is a lot of sight fishing involved. Keep an eye out for the birds as they will be your best indicator.

Reef species like red throat emperor and grassy sweetlip can be taken around the Outer Gneerings and Murphys all through the week and if you can do it get up early around 4am and head out the 3km to the Gneerings and fish the tide change. You only need about 15minutes of berley before you get in amongst them. The good news is that you will be home by 8am and ready for a days work. Out wider around the Banrwon Banks there are parrot (tuskfish), iodine bream, big cod at the moment and still some quality snapper to be caught. A top week ahead for anglers so get out there and have fun!

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