Weekly Report 26 Jan 12

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Weekly Report 26 Jan 12

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:02 am

Firstly, sorry for the late report. For the past six years I have managed to be on time but this past week with all the rain it seemed like I could take my time on producing my weekly report and here it is. Those that have ventured outside would have seen the dirty water line and boy is it thick. THe edge of this can produce anything from sharks to sailfish and mackerel to kingfish so its worth have a look. Trolling either lures or both live and dead baits is the best option and normally you would troll between 1-3knots, the slowest speed the better. It is also important to get your bait down to the bait balls and using a downrigger or weight is paramount to your success. The next week will see plenty of dirty water escaping through the Mooloolaba harbour area so there will be big fish mixed up in amongst this as the bait and debree rushes out. Work the close in areas like the Gneerings shoal, Murphy's and Old Women Island or to the south operate around Currimundi Reef, Bray's Rock and the spoil grounds so that you can stay safe. I personally would not venture out in seas like this because one storm can change everything very quickly. Overall, structure is the key and you need to be working around it at the moment. Where there is structure there will normally be bait and so on.

On the estuary front the mouths of the rivers will be a sensational place to target all the predators like mackerel, pike, long tom, trevally and big flathead because that's where they will be waiting to grab their pray in the dirty water. Happy Valley is a terrific spot to start in the channel area for the bigger bruts or try the shallow surf area for quality whiting and smaller flathead. Tarwhine can be taken from the beach at Bulcock particularly around the rocky oyster crop area. Worms and yabbies are still the pick of the baits for whiting and plenty of bream with be your bicatch. The key is to find the bait both inshore and offshore these coming days and just watch the preditors munch away on them. Herring and hardi heads are still around in the passage and they are plentiful up around La Balsa Park. Fish McKenzies bridge area for mangrove jack because in these conditions there will be plenty of them out and about all day with the cloud cover and dirty water. Work the area around the Caloundra Power Boat Club for flathead but remember to find the deeper holes and work them hard with lures or bait as the fish will be down deeper at the moment. Just to show you that there are plenty of fish around even in the sloppy conditions take a look at this haul of quality fish in the photo. Have Fun!

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