Weekly Report 10 Apr 12

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Weekly Report 10 Apr 12

Post by Brad » Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:30 am

What a brilliant Easter Long weekend we have enjoyed across the Sunshine Coast. The fishing was excellent if you persisted and thought carefully about your target species. We nailed both spanish and spotty mackerel out on the 5 mile trolling large deep diving maulers and skirts. They came on between dusk and the high tide at 7.45am and then just stopped. There was stacks of bait on the grounds with yakkas, slimies and whiptail filling the bait tank for our big trip on Monday. Mack tuna were our target after the turn of the tide and we caught them out around the Inner Gneerings. They make terrific bait for the bigger predators like wahoo, sailfish and bigger spanish mackerel. The Barwon Banks was full of fish but proved difficult sometimes to get them to bite. We nailed green jobfish, large hussar, pearl perch, tuskfish along with a variety of other species around 11 in total. Schools of mahi mahi swam around the boat and we mananaged to nail three for the trip. On the trip home we noticed a log floating on the surface and had a couple of casts at it with the chrome slugs and nailed more mahi mahi.

The estuaries were a little tougher because of the larger number of holiday makers that were around but flathead and trevally certainly came into their own. Whiting were taken around the Pumicestone Passage and small bream seemed to be all around stealing the bait before anything descent could get a hold. Small chopper tailor are already inside the passage chasing the smaller bait schools of herring and hardiheads. While it is difficult to get any fishing done around Happy Valley during holidays it is worth a cast on dusk for flathead, dart and trevally. Small minnow divers or soft plastics work just as well as bait. This week the weather will blow up quite a bit but hopefully it will slow down around either this weekend or early next week. Just gives you enough time to get ready to get out amongst the fish again. Have Fun!

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