Weeky Report 23 Apr 12

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Weeky Report 23 Apr 12

Post by Brad » Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:45 am

A few good days out on the water this past week has resulted in some classic catches across the Sunshine Coast. Saturday in particular was a cracker and then it all went south on Sunday throwing up a real soupy mix that created some slow going and big bangs. The fish certainly went off through with cobia, large cod, pearlies and many more all taking the bait. Livies such as slimie mackerel, yakkas and whiptails where spread all over the place so live bait was not an issue. The reefs gave up some quality sweetlip and moses perch along with a truck load of under size squire. Around the blinker at Mooloolaba tuna were busting up and taking small chrome slugs around 30g so plenty of action for those that needed some. Not many mackerel caught around the Caloundra 5 Mile but there were quite a few smaller mahi mahi around the known haunts so they provided a bit of fun.

Please be aware that the Mooloolaba Bar area is very hazardous at the moment. There are breaking waves across the mouth and with the added number of paddle boarders and surfers you need to come out slowly and look for them. I watched three surfers paddle across the front of the bar without looking and nearly got cleaned up by boaties that could not see them until they were right on top of them because of the swell. So take care and look carefully. The weather this week is one to watch with great caution because it is all over the place. If you intend heading out then go down to the beach with some binoculars and have a good look before putting the boat in the water. Try fishing the early mornings before the south westerlies come on normally you can depart by 5.30am and be back in by 9am with a feed. Have Fun!

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