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Weekly Report 29 Apr 12

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:59 am
by Brad
Last week turned out to be a total washout offshore and this week will be much of the same until later in the week. The wave activity is intensifying and the winds are going to blow like crazy so with an on coming full moon it seems that the weather may beat us again. If it is possible to get out later in the week I would be heading out for a fish on the high tide at dusk. This will bring the reef species like moses perch, mowong, squire, tuskfish and many more into play so plan your trip and hope the weather holds off. There are still plenty of tuna around outside again it is a matter of making the best of the weather to catch them.

The estuaries have enjoyed some good fishing particularly around the Boardwalk at Caloundra with bream and trevally still being caught. Tarwhine are along the beach area of Bulcock mixed in amounst the hidden crusty rocks. Fish extremely light around this area to save your equipment. Whiting still around Happy Valley within the surf break but I doubt that there will be many around with the pounding seas this week. I saw some anglers trying for luderick off the Boardwalk but it seems a little early for them to be on in numbers. I will check this out. Still worth a fish right at the mouth if the wind doesn't blow you away. Some big fish are hanging around this area within the deeper water and most of them are probably trevally or mulloway. Outside of getting a few crabs this week or fishing under the bridges for some shelter it will be up to your imagination to find a good spot away from the elements. Good luck and Have Fun!