Weekly Report 15 Jul 12

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Weekly Report 15 Jul 12

Post by Brad » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:32 am

The weather has once again been the deciding factor for fishermen this past week and it appears that there may only be limited opportunites during the week ahead. Offshore may be a chance around the middle of the week and with the new moon coming on the fish would probably be on like bees to honey but the weather may beat us all. Working in shallow around the Gneerings may be the option if the northerlies don't come on too quickly. The beaches will be choppped up so the estuaries look like the better option or a trip to one of the local dams and nailing some bass. Personnally I think it will be a week to hit one of the dams because there is a lot of debrie and dirty water throughout the estuaries at the moment and it would pay to lt that settle a little. I guess the only other thought for the week would be to get the pots in the water for a few tasty crabs. Either way there are always options so take your pick. Don't forget I am always looking for pictures from readers to put into the QFM magazine so if you have a photo about 1mb+ in size then send it through to fishingcaloundra@yahoo.com.au Have Fun!

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