Weekly Report 2 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 2 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:45 pm

The weather has been the opening line on my last three reports so I would like to change it slightly so I am not too repetitive.......hmmmm!
Anyway fishing has been a little slow lately and if anything the estuaries are rocking compared to offshore. Opportunites will present themselves through the coming weeks but the wind will remain the issue. November has really set in and we can only hope that the tuna start to come in along with some early spotty mackerel. Hussar and mowong have been taken around the closer reefs over the past week along with sweetlip and an few undersize iodine bream. As the full moon comes on it will be time to gt out and catch some squid so get ready for that. Fresh squid will make gun baits for the reefies particularly in the deeper waters.

The estuaries are still giving up some quality fish with trevally and bream ruling. Flathead can be taken around the weed beds of Bells Creek and the Power Boat Club in Golden Beach. Flicking a few soft plastics around on the ebb tide in the early mornings really does make for top fun and if that falls apart work around the mouth of Pelican Waters down to the bridge and back. Mangrove Jack are being taken in Currimundi Lake, McKenzies bridge area and amongst the canals around Maroochydore. If you can get yourselves some live poddy mullet do so, because jack just love a live bait placed under their noses. Hard bodied lures work ok and so too does a popper in the we hours of the morning. When casting your lures make sure you get right up to the edge of the rock wall or overhangs and let the lure work its way down before winding. One of the biggest issues that I notice is anglers cast right in the zone and then start winding it away from the fish before it a actually reaches them.

Whiting are best targeted with poppers and when the sun comes up add a couple of fresh yabbies to the hooks and hang on. The bigger fish come by sooner or later but if you want them there quicker don't forget to berely. If you have a bait bucket that you clip onto your belt, buy a second one and fill it will finely chopped up old prawns, yabbies and the like for berely. A pinch evey few minutes will really make the difference even if you are walking around the sand flats. Anyway the week ahead will be fantastic to fish into the night so plan a couple of late evening trips to the Passage or the Maroochy/Noosa Rivers. Remember the squid are soon to be on so get set for an interesting week. If you get a good fish then send it in to me and I will try to get it into fishng monthly magazine for you in the January 2013 edition. Have Fun!

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