Weekly Report 21 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 21 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Wed Nov 21, 2012 7:25 pm

It looks like the opportunities may come towards the end of the week with the seas finally settling down. Pearl perch and other reef species will be a good target for the end of the week. Deeper waters fished in the early mornings or late evenings will be the best opportunity for anglers. Closer in reef systems like Murphy's, Gneerings and Caloundra 12 mile will all be worth a visit. The trick will be to keep the berely going to assist in getting the fish a reason to stick around. Mowong and squire are still amongst the catches along with hussar, moses perch and a mix of pelagics. Cobia are still hanging around the channel markers and known hotspots and if its bigger fish you seek then take a trip out to Wide Caloundra.

The estuaries are a little slow but that is due to the fish getting into the cooler waters throughout the day and away from the heavy traffic areas. Work the back reaches down around Coochin Creek and Bells during the hotter parts of the day. Cast well into the shaded areas and change your plastics or hard bodied lures often until you get the fish wanting to play. The beaches may be worth a shot later in the evenings in particular around the low tide. Bream, small dart and whiting are all around the place so get a good location early. There are monster permit up around Noosa North Shore at the moment some coming in around 7kg. What a fight they would be in the surf hey!

This week live bait will be a big advantage and remember to berely when you anchor up. If you intend to drift a line then also use berely to keep the fish interested. Try for cobia and kingfish on the known wrecks on the tidal changes and work areas around the channel markers with live baits on floaters. There may be a chance at some mackerel or tuna as the week goes on so keep a line rigged with a chrome slug ready to cast. Have Fun!

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