Weekly Report 11 Dec 12

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Weekly Report 11 Dec 12

Post by Brad » Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:15 pm

After a cracker weekend I thought I would spend a little time and let you know where they are biting. For me it spotty mackerel and stacks of tuna around Coolum on Sunday and when I say heaps I mean it. Mack tuna were absolutely everywhere along with mahi mahi, mackerel and a host of other pelagics busting into bait schools everywhere. They started around 5.30am and continued into the morning until the low tide came on around 9.45am. Most of the bait balls consisted of frog mouth pilchards and the birds sure got their fill on the day. THe spotty mackerel were well feed so we worked an area where only small red lumps where showing on the sounder, lowered our pilchards down to a depth of around 15 feet and started to troll at around 2knots top speed until the inevitable reel scream occured. Double hook ups were common place as the mackerel just kept on coming. The spotty mackerel where up to 5kg in size and took small pichards along with bigger ones. We use a three gang rig with a ball sinker or bean sinker at the swivel end to get it down in depth and one of our rigs had wire while the other did not and they scored an equal amount of fish. The mack tuna were all taken on 30grm slugs cast well past the moving school and bought through at a fast rate.

Out wide Caloundra way and out as far as the trench there were heaps of quality wahoo and tuna taken. Constant calls kept the day ticking over as another boat managed to bring one in with some repetition. Of course there were plenty that got away but that just adds to the excitment. Mahi mahi also played a huge roll in the success of the weekend with quality fish attacking trolls skirts and baits, & they were also hanging around the FADS and some of the closer channel markers and buoys. SO offshore was abuzz with plenty of excited and satisfied anglers as more and more fish were hooked. Bait schools out wide were also plentiful so the whole natural system was totally in sync.

The estuaries also fired with mangrove jack just smashing baits right across the Sunshine Coast. The Maroochy River and around the canals of Twin Waters accounted for the biggest fish up to 3kg's will the average catch came in around 2kg. Whiting are also around in big numbers and very eager to take a fresh yabbie or piece of peeled prawn. Bream and flathead were taken around BLi BLi and the Noosa systems along with a stack of trevally around the rock walls within the Maroochy system. The pumistone Passage had its fair share of fish with whiting really turning it on around the beaches and Happy Valley. Happy moments and bream stuck close to the pontoons and bridges and a few mud crabs were caught in the pot. A great weekend but a steady week ahead with the winds. This will all settle again before xmas we hope. Have Fun!
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Mackerel are on the chew and around in numbers.
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Mack tuna were everywhere

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