Weekly Report 17 Dec 12

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Weekly Report 17 Dec 12

Post by Brad » Mon Dec 17, 2012 7:06 pm

Well the fishing is very healthy at the moment and plenty of anglers can atest to just that. Mackerel have been the order of the day with stacks of spotty mackerel around the traps in particular further north around Coolum to Noosa areas and some whopper spanish mackerel one weighing in around 34 kg's. What a fight that fish would have produced. Of course the weekend saw it's fair share of accidents and very close calls across the local bars but luckily no one has ruined their holidays by loosing their lives. The mackerel are taking live bait and pilchards present at 1-2knots under weight. Spotty mackerel are giving plenty of anglers double and triple hookups and if you are not amongst them it might be time to ask others what they are doing differently. Pearl perch are around Wide Caloundra and the Barwon Banks but with all the action in closer no one is really going the distance at the moment and who can blame people.

The mack tuna are also around in huge numbers so when you get a feed of mackerel look for the birds and cast a 20-30g chrome slug ahead of the school and hang on. Seriously, every cast is a fish! The channel markers, FAD's and pinnacles all have mahi mahi around them and unweighted baits cast in close to the markers will normally sercure you a fish. Mahi mahi can spook easily in heavy traffic so slow as it goes is the best way to approach them. When casting does not secure you a fish try trolling lures around the area as this sometimes get them in the mood to bite again. Wahoo are being taken our wide and some big fish are around let me tell you. Some of the pictures I have seen this month are brilliant and worthy of your time out there to catch them. Try the closer reef and out from Point Cartwright for spotty mackerel and smaller spanish in the mornings or on the tide changes. The Inner & Outer Gneerings are also a good sot to drop a lure of cast a big soft plastic. We were getting tuna on large 7" plastics last week so they will hit anything at the moment. Murphy's is a little quiet through the day and is worth targeting on an early morning high tide or late late evening tide change.

The estuaries are still giving up great mangrove jacks and some big big flathead. Trevally are around the pontoons and within the weir around Twin Waters area. The sand flats around Chambers Island are worth a cast for whiting and flathead through the day with the kids and don't forget to work the Cod Hole for trevally and the rock walls for bream and possible a barra or two leading up to Bli Bli. Kawana Islands and surrounding canals have plenty of bream one area we witnessed locals feed hundreds of them bread in the middle of the day and boy there were so many of them my mouth was watering. Moses perch and smalelr chopper tailor are about McKenzies bridge area but it is slow compared to what it is in the winter months and some days it is difficult to get a spot. Still a great area with plenty of potential for casting blades and smaller soft plastics around.

The Pumistone Passage is alive with summer whiting around the surf break in Happy Valley and there are still smaller dart to be caught on the low tide in the same area. It is amazing what lives in that really shallow water at times. I have even seem monster flathead attacking lures and they tend to hide behind the many hidden rock obsticles around the place so look out. Bream and tarwhine around Bulcock Beach but fish light so that you stay away from the snags. The Boardwalk and pontoon opposite the Coast Guard are normally packed at this time of year so be early to get amongst the trevally and bream on offer. Pike are still about in the passage but it is only at first light or on a tide change that they seem to be taking abait dropped in front of them. Pelican Waters canal area has bream, trevally and some straggler tailor at the moment but when you gear up remember that there are plenty of stingrays around as well along with the occassion bull shark. MIlitary Jetty will be packed from now until the end of the holidays so move down on to the sand flats that go right around to Bell's Creek and fish them for whiting and flathead, don't forget the shoes so if you step on a ray you have some protection.

Last report now until into the new year so all the very best to all the readers and fellow fishermen for th holidays. Please be careful this summer and no matter how much of a hurry you are in, just take a breath and get where ever you are going a little bit later. Have Fun! :D

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