Weekly Report 22 Aug 13

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Weekly Report 22 Aug 13

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:40 pm

Some sensational weather coming up for the next week or so across the Sunshine Coast and the action on the fishing front is positive. Out Wide Caloundra way there have been plenty of trag jew, pearl perch and snapper being taken in the deeper water areas. Still good quality fish being taken on the 12 mile including cobia and jew but you will need livies for the best results. Fillets of mullet are a good second if you have them. Further north around the Barwon Banks there have been a good run of big kingfish on the wrecks and some thumper pearl perch in depths of 90 metres plus. Amberjack are still nailing baits and any poor small pearl perch that you may have brought up from the depths.

The closer in reefs have been hard work so you need to use all the best possible tactics to ensure a chance of a feed. The recent full moon had a strong 1.5knots current running with it making it difficult to fish deeper waters without a large chunk of lead so the coming week will be very slow with little movement between tides making it ideal to target the reefs and deeper water spots. My money for the coming week would be to head out Wide Caloundra way and across the Barwon Banks looking for the better schools and spend some quality time finding the bait schools. Sunshine Reef would also be a good option for the coming weather.

The Pumicestone Passage is really slow at the moment and it has been a poor run around the full moon for the bigger species. There are still straggler luderick around but they are few and far between. The canals around the back of Pelican Waters have given up a couple of nice queenfish in the past couple of days and some smaller mulloway deeper into Bells Creek areas. The whiting can be found around the weed beds south of the Powerboat Club. Small bream around Gemini and the coastguard pontoons but again they are hit and miss. The dark side of the moon always make beach fishing good and if the cold doesn't last, it may well be the last chance for a tailor around the traps. For those that love the beach there are still plenty of bream and dart about and paternoster rigs with pippies make the difference.
Have fun!
THANK YOU to those that have sent in pictures. More snapper pics would be appreciated if you have them. Send to: fishingcaloundra@yahoo.com.au :)
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A small tuna caught on a recent trip

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