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Weekly Report 9 Dec 13

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:46 pm
by Brad
Having been away for a couple of weeks I thought it may be difficult to catch up but not that much has happened so here goes. The mackerel in particular spotties have been everywhere and quite a few spaniards have also hit the decks over the past week or so. The weather on the weekend just passed offered a fantastic chance for boaties to get out and they did so in numbers. Reefies have been around in big numbers and they include snapper, red throat and tuskfish. Pearl perch are still taking baits out on Caloundra Wide and the known wire weed areas.

Murphy's Reef and the Gneerings Shoal are good spots to troll for pelagics and to use your soft plastics around the pinnacles for some cod during the peak periods of the day. Wahoo and mackerel are fighting out around Wide Caloundra and there are kingfish down around the Kosi in about 120m of water in the early mornings or change of the tides. Cobia can be taken around the wrecks and even better still out around Hutchies or the beacons on the northern tip of Bribie Island. There are big tuskfish around the channel markers and they normally make you think you are hooked onto something better and if you manage to land them then the disappointment sets in. Their front teeth will normally cut through the braid or mono in a second anyway.

The estuaries have been a little quiet but that does not mean that fish are around with queenfish and trevally still being caught around the canals in Pelican Waters and Military Jetty. Flathead have come in to their own and they are around Happy Valley and the Caloundra Power Boat Club area in the fresh of the morning. Whiting are all around and it is just a matter of finding a school and away you go. Yabbies and small squirt worms are the best baits for them and if you want to catch bream then try some chicken gut or small mullet fillets. Have Fun!