Weekly Report 1 Jan 14

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Weekly Report 1 Jan 14

Post by Brad » Tue Dec 31, 2013 1:21 pm

Mangrove Jack and bream around the canals around Kawana. Target the rock walls for best results in the early mornings or through the night. Changing tides are the way to go and some live herring or mullet strips for best results. Bream are plentiful around the same area and within the area around McKenzies Bridge during the evening. Small flathead are being caught around Happy Valley along with whiting and trevally. You will need to pick the best times when there are no swimmers about.

The Boardwalk in Caloundra is always packed during holidays but I think the fish have also packed up and taken leave. It is a busy time of the year so the noise would be a big deterrent. Fish the pontoon near the coastguard or around at Gemini Towers as there are normally bream hanging around the pontoon during the day. Bread on a small hook with a very light sinker will be all you need provided the current isn't rushing in or out. Whiting can be caught down on the weed beds at the entrance to Bells Creek and a fairly good chance of mangrove jack exists in the same spot.

Walking along the shallow waters around the Powerboat Club and down around Military Jetty bridge should reward you with flathead and whiting and maybe a flounder or two if your luck is running strong. The Blue Hole has bream and trevally as does the bridge at Pelican Waters and the pontoon running down the canal. If you have a dingy or kayak then move right down around near the Pelican Waters Tavern for some interesting fish including queenies in the morning and trevally. Some tarpon have been taken in the closed canal areas but you need to know where to enter to get to the best spots.

Offshore there has been a good run of mackerel and tuna and it is easy to get a feed of reefies if you stick to the inner reefs like Murphy's and the Gneerings Shoal. The fish are in close but timing is the key to a good feed. Pilchards, prawns and fish strips are the best baits to put on a floating rig. The mackerel have been caught on ganged rigged pilchards, live yakkas trolled at slow speed and placed at the depth of the fish on the sounder. The best advice is to find the bait schools and sink a live bait in amongst them or a soft plastic or jig. Should be a great week ahead and a strong year for fishing. Have Fun!

Herring make great bait.JPG
Live herring are great bait
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Bream are around the canals

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