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Report 16/1/16

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:05 pm
by Nicole Penfold
January 16
The fishing has really picked up over the last 2 weeks. Offshore has been fantastic with plenty of mackerel caught up and down the coast line. The wider marks of the Barwon Banks and Caloundra Wide have produced fantastic fish on the surface and the bottom.
The Mooloolah River has been great for whiting and flathead. Around Labalsa Park has notably had the greatest of variety. Trevally are a bit wide spread with the canals working well for the small ones and in the main system some decent Golden Trevally have been landed. Kawana Lake has had some Trevally landed with some big Bream also.

January 17
The better chance of landing a fish would be on the change of tides. A little bit of burley from old bait and pellets would be an asset to fishing the rivers and best baits would be Pilly, Prawns and Beach Worms. Soft plastics with a heavy jig head have worked well on the sand flats with Blade lures and plastics working well in the Mooloolah river around the trawlers and bridges.
The estuaries are full of bait with some small prawns found in the upper reaches I would definately be trying for some Mangrove Jack using the Zerick Live Shrimp Lures, live bait, mullet fillets or prawns. In the lower reaches we have seen some nice trevally caught in the canals and Labalsa Park with whiting and flathead also. Best baits have been small pilly's, prawns, beach worms and strip baits. Prawns have given the best variety with trevally tacking the opportunity to take it off the bottom. Cured Beach Worms have absolutely been the best bait for whiting in the Mooloolah River closely followed with prawns.

January 18
The Mooloolah River is producing a lot different species. A little bit of old bait and pellets are a good starter for some burley to attract fish to your area. Whiting and Bream are widespread through the estuaries with good catches of flathead. Mangrove Jack are still randomly caught in the upper reaches. Trevally are the target species for those sports anglers with plenty being landed in the canals and around Labalsa Park.
The beach will be a nice spot with the wind and swell decreasing. Dart will be the number 1 fish and for entertainment purpose I would suggest hitting the beach on low tide with the kids to catch a few of these.

January 19
It is time to fish the beach and offshore with these weather conditions. Mackerel were on before the last bad weather and looks set to continue.
As the swell is low the beach is the place to be with easy to reach gutters at low tide kids will have a blast catching Dart and Whiting.
The Mackerel are still around hugging tight to bait schools with the odd Spanish coming to the surface. Most Mackerel are still sitting deep so a little bit of weight in your troll baits will help alot. deep diver lures are working but slimies, Jumbo Pillies and Garfish are the way to go. The reef fish are working well on the Pillies and the bigger species are taking the Jumbo Pillies. Burley is working a real treat if anchored with some spotties coming in the trail as well. Fishing the beach is the number one spot for entertainment. There are plenty of whiting and dart with the odd good sized flatty in the mix. Use Worms, prawns and strip bait.

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