Report 20/1/16

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Report 20/1/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:13 pm

January 20
Morning report:
The water is so calm it looks like a mirror with a 1m swell. You can clearly see the bait working due east off Pt Cartwright along the beach. I think some burley at the start of a drift will work a treat for some school and spotted mackerel. If your anchored up a burley log down with the anchor will be a massive hit with the squire, sweetlip, tusk fish and pearlies that have been about. The beach on the low tide is where I would head today with the gutters holding flathead, dart and whiting. Best baits would be pipi's, worms and prawns.
Afternoon report:
A few Mackerel and Mack tuna were chasing bait near the surface just south of the blinker yesterday and i have been told the black marlin and dolphin fish have been fishing well out wide on the banks and wahoo and Dolphin fish have been taken on the Caloundra 9 mile along with some Pan-size snapper and Pearlies. in the rivers there have been good Flathead around the 40-50cm mark taken on soft plastics and ganged small pillies.
on the beaches with the swell so low its easy to fish so beach worms are catching some solid Dart and chicken gut(yes chicken gut)has accounted for some nice flathead too.

January 21
Morning report:
It looks like there is some bait action off Pt Cartwright with a few boats circling there must be some pelagics under it.
The rivers are fishing well with Labalsa Park holding more Golden Trevally this year than previous years. Small chrom lures and soft plastics are wroking welland as for bait they have been picking up prawns and small pillies off the bottom. The Mooloolah River mouth has had some school and spotted Mackerel reported over the last 3 days so is definately worth a look on the falling tide. Ganged pillies and chrome lures had worked to snag a few.
Afternoon report:
some great fish have been taken on the 12mile off caloundra with Wahoo Mackerel Marlin and Dolphin fish being amoung just a few but sharks have been a problem.

January 22
Morning report:
along the beaches there have been a few nice Flathead, Summer Whiting and Dart and some great Trevally and Mangrove Jacks are still being taken around the trawlers.
Afternoon report:
The Rivers have been fishing well from reports today with big Summer Whiting, Flathead and Trevally being taken with Live and dead baits producing the bulk of the fish, try for Dart,Whiting and Flathead along the sheltered parts of the beaches as the swell will be up so the sweeps will be in full swing, also wortha try is a dawn troll with dead baits around point cartwright if the swell is not too wild.

Tight Lines
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Jacob, one of our customers, got these Whiting in the Mooloolaba river this week on our very own beach worms which are a great whiting bait. Jacob had to leave them biting unfortunately as he ran out of bait, but still a nice feed.

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