Report 29/4/16

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Report 29/4/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:00 pm

Winter bream starting to show up in the river!

As the weather cools more and more we should expect to see bream come onto the beaches and into rivers in there thousands if last year’s anything to go by. We’re already starting to see a steady run of bream coming onto the bite particularly after dark. In the river the Maroochy River Mouth is the ideal place to start fishing, with the bigger tides around the full and new moons pushing more water through the system thus bringing in more fish. Try focusing your efforts fishing the last of the run out tide and the first of the run in. Another successful attribute to take fishing when targeting bream is burley a simple pellet mix is sufficient, just remember to keep a steady flow going to keep the fish interested. Lastly bait selection is important, live baits like prawns, herring, bloodworms and sandworms are by far the best baits for bream. However you can still have good success on fresh mullet strips and small pilchards and if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty mullet gut works great. Flathead, trevally and school jew have been in goods numbers from the Bli-Bli bridge to the Bli-Bli islands with 3-4 inch paddle tail plastics like the Keitech Easy Shiners working well.

On the beaches; jewfish have been a little quiet over the last month or so but as the nights start to cool off we should see more captures coming from the open beaches. A good place to start searching for a “jewie” is along Maroochy Northshore beach with some good common gutters towards Pincushion Rocks and the Maroochy River Mouth. Big live baits work well like live mullet and also beach worms. However if time is of the essence you can catch them on flesh baits such as bonito strips, fresh mullet strips and also whole squid and larger size pilchards.

Offshore; we’ve had a great run of weather around the coast with only a few minor hiccups in the past week. For those that have been out have been rewarded with plenty of pelagics like mac tuna, long tails and also the odd yellowfin hanging around. You don’t need to head out far with most of the action happening out just behind the breakers, stay alert for birds and rising bait schools, just remember as well the fish are easily spooked so don’t motor up to the school at a hundred miles an hour. If you can try and get upwind of the school and turn your motor off it will give you a significantly greater chance in hooking up to one of these speedsters.

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