Report 22/7/16

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Report 22/7/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:45 pm

July 19
Morning report: The rough weather looks like it has carved a chunk off the beaches and will look to settle and form some nice gutters ready for the weekend. There have been plenty of bream, whiting, flathead and dart with the odd school of tailor running through them as well lately. The rivers should entertain everyone with the fresh water not heavy enough to disrupt the feeding cycles of the Bream.
Afternoon report: There have been plenty of boats heading out tonight and I do expect a good feed of fish with reports of some good quality already been caught at Caloundra 12 Mile and Murpheys. Check the charts for the next 5 days. We are in with some good weather and low swell through to the weekend. The beaches have got some great gutters begging to be fished and a few guys have headed there today for a good fight on Dart, Bream, Flathead and the ever elusive Jew fish tonight. The rivers have held some nice Garfish recently although the dredge is there it hasn't deterred them much. Bream are still the main catch with plenty of large ones caught on small Pilly's, Froggies, Hardy Heads, White Bait and Mullet.

July 20
Morning report: The beaches have fantastic gutters and with the swell very low they should hold deep utill well past the weekend holding some great fish. There is every chance of a nice Jew and my prediction will be Thurs & Friday nights for that. The rivers are holding plenty of trumpeter whiting with Garfish and Pike in steady numbers also. Big Bream are being caught around the Trawlers and boat ramp on the Mooloolaba side with the boat ramp at Labalsa Park and on the fringes of the Basin holding onto some nice fish also.
Afternoon report: Went out for a fish yesterday with a couple of mates,as the weather was looking pretty good we decided to head for the northern end of the Barwon Banks and then play it from there, the fish were definitely there and pilling up on the bottom shallow grounds between 27-41m of water but there was a lot of pickers so we went out to the wide Barwon Banks(The Spur?) and did a few drifts which bought a few Pearlies and Tuskies to the boat but once again there were to many undersizers so we were right deep to the Canyons(150-300m) and did a couple of drops only to find the same thing unfortunately so we came back in to The Hards and worked our way south picking up a few more Tuskies and another Pearl Perch but all in all a pretty quiet day but the weather was beautiful and there plenty of Dolphins Minki and and Humpback whales to keep us amused when the fish were not biting, I had a great day out and we bought home a feed and i think that's what it's really all about.
Our photo for the day was sent in by Adam who got this lovely Snapper which fell to a floated Pilly on a set of 5/0 gangs.

July 21
Morning report: From the reports i have received the the Tailor are being caught around the mouthes of the rivers(see pics....thanks very much to Dane for the pic and well done on a nice bag taken in the Noosa system)the inshore reefs were producing well for the people who went for a fish on th Gneerings and other in shore reefs described as a quick (arvo sesh) after work, there have also been reports of some great Flathead getting around and some lovely speicimen's of Jewfish being taken in the deeper holes with live bait being the best.

July 21
Afternoon report: a fair few people went out and did do quite well by reports with reports saying all the close reef's have been showinf good catches of Pearl Perch, Squire and and the odd Grass Sweetlip and verigated Emperor. The rivers are still producing quite a few nice Flathead and Bream but i am yet to receive a report of any Tailor along Kawana beach today. Heaps of Whales have been reported in as close as the Inner Gneerings so be aware while manovering they may not get out of your way quick enough if you are travelling at speed, i heard today a story of someone accidentally running into one. Our pics today is of Ronnie(aka SnapperKing) with yet another couple of quality Snapper he caught out at the Caloundra Wides yesterday afternoon.

July 22
the fishing has been greato with couple of beautiful Tailor caught this morning along Kawana beach on Pillies bought yesterday afternoon by local gun fisherman Jack. There have been plenty of snapper to go around as well with float rigs working best along with large Pillies or squid, here is Michael with a couple of great fish he caught the other night.

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