Weekly Report 11 May 12

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Weekly Report 11 May 12

Post by Brad » Fri May 11, 2012 9:10 am

BAIT SPECIAL - With a few mackerel starting to show up we have managed to get our hands on some wolf herring in the 30 to 40cm size range. We have 3 per bag for $8.50 and don't forget to ask for your VIP discount on bait, making them an even better deal.

Cooler mornings and nights with clear skies have made fishing areas like Pallarenda and the Rock Pool ideal for a fish. Anglers spending the time to get live bait are having a blast catching a variety of fish including barramundi, trevally, fingermark, mangrove jacks and the odd queenfish. Scoring a few nice live herring is the go to bait and rigged with a light running sinker is ideal. Often pelagics like queenfish, mackerel and trevally will hang around the Rock Pool and casting your live bait out with no weight at all will get a better result on these species. Casting poppers and metal slices also work well on the queenfish and mackerel when they are out in force. Popular land based spots include the bridges along Ross creek such as Victoria and Lowths and at night there is a series of lights that shine into the water and attract a variety of bait and predatory fish. If you are lucky you can see the larger fish sitting on the edge of the light waiting for any bait to swim past and this is when you want to cast your lure out and bring it past him. The Barramundi is a real contender in these lights along with some big mangrove jacks, tarpon and trevally. A tip is to use a sinking lure as you are a few metres above the water; a productive favourite of mine is the Strada Senseye 80.

We had big tides over the weekend and anglers casting lures up smaller creeks had reasonable success catching jacks and barra with some barra getting up towards the 70cm size. There was a healthy amount of smaller fish caught which is a promising sign for future fishing. The Hinchinbrook Channel proved to be an enjoyable trip for those that travelled there over the weekend. Catches of some nice barra and salmon both the blue and threadfin kind were landed. Fishing the large run out tide on the smaller creek mouths was effective and casting sinking lures like the Strada Senseye and Jackall Transam were productive. Ensuring the lure had sunk to the bottom then jigging it back was the best technique to get the strikes. Hinchinbrook can be a tricky place to fish at times, with so much area it can leave you thinking if you are in the right spot at the stage of the tide or could be somewhere else catching fish. Staying persistent and confident in the area you are fishing is critical whilst keeping in mind when certain spots will fish better will see you catching more fish eventually.

Inshore grounds along with the bay and headlands have been the places to fish lately as the weather being quite windy this restricts offshore fishing. Fishing these areas in the morning when it is generally a bit calmer is seeing anglers catching school mackerel along with a surprising amount of golden trevally. Whole pilchard baits are a great method of catching both these species, with the school mackerel being the more sought after fish. Golden trevally are an excellent fighting fish with screaming runs and a never say die attitude which can highlight the weaknesses in you tackle with ease. Tying good knots, having sharp hooks and a smooth drag on you reel will ensure fish are not lost during the fight. Trolling wolf herring baits has been accounting for a few nice Spanish mackerel around Cape Cleveland and Salamander reef. The mackerel have been a bit shy and switching to a smaller wolf herring will get a bit from weary fish. A smaller bait rigged on a chin guard with a set of gang hooks will troll fine and is just about too hard to resist for a mackerel.

Grabbing your new favourite lure and heading down the creek flicking at a few snags chasing a Barra is a great option over the weekend. Equally, targeting the rock pool and bridges through Ross creek are worth a look for some land based action.

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