Weeky Report 10 Aug 12

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Weeky Report 10 Aug 12

Post by Brad » Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:53 pm

Steady fishing has been keeping land based anglers happy with some great catches over the past week getting reported. A surprising amount of mangrove jacks have been caught along the rock pool and break walls and not all have been small with a few fish getting in the 40-45cm bracket. Casting sinking vibes and minnows and twitching them along the rocks has been the most successful retrieve. A good tip when fishing around the rocks and areas with structure in general is to use a fluorocarbon leader, this type of leader is very abrasion resistant and you will avoid bust offs in the rocks, Nitlon DFC is a favourite. There has also been a few average size Barra getting caught too which are a great surprise when you targeting jacks. Aplins weir has produced some great Barra for persistent anglers with the warmer weather creating a bit more action. Casting lures has landed a couple of fish but using live bait has been the more productive method with live herring and mullet being just too hard to refuse for any Barra hanging around. Using a float and suspending the live bait underneath it is a top rig to be using as you very rarely get snagged and the hook up rate is great.

Those that ventured up the creeks after a Barra or two weren’t disappointed, the great weather turning them on with some good numbers landed over a day’s fishing. From reports there were plenty of Barra caught from 50-65cm which is an excellent sign along with some bigger fish. Soft plastics cast and retrieved along banks with any structure like trees and rocks were doing wonders with most strikes coming just as the lure was moving out from the structure. A great lure for this style of fishing is the DOA CAL curl tail rigged on the appropriate weight jig head as it has a heap of action when sinking and being slowly worked. Consistent catches of bream and grunter are still filtering through from fishermen using fresh bait around the mouths of the estuarine systems. These fish are relatively easy to catch and can be a great plan b if your days doesn’t go exactly to plan so keep in mind there are plenty of options around if you are after some fishing action. In terms of crabbing there are still steady numbers crawling into crab pots although the bigger tides did make it a little difficult to set your pots. Try looking for areas out of the main current flow and often you will still get good results from these types of areas.

We had a spell of some suitable weather recently and this rewarded anglers heading offshore fishing the reef. Some monster reef jacks were caught on overnight trips along with nannygai and healthy numbers of spangled emperor. Fishing large slab baits on the bottom were irresistible for these bottom dwellers with bites coming just about straight away when fishing the right areas. The wrecks around the reefs and shoals were full of action with almost and endless amounts of queenfish and trevally taking correctly worked jigs along with a few trophy size cobias to stretch the arms. The mackerel were around although from reports it suggested they were not on the bite as such with only a few caught and not of very big size. Trolling gar and live baits will put you in a good chance of catching a mackerel when they are not quite on the chew and often anglers will avoid using wire to increase you bites further. It is a compromise as you will lose a few but you will get more bites, let this not deter you as it is a compromise that is definitely worth taking as you will often come home a happy angler! Steady catches of juvenile marlin are still getting caught so if you would like to catch one drop into the store and we can show you the basics to get some action.

Heading up the creek and chasing a few Barra would be a good option as they are heating up. Casting a few soft plastics around should provide some fun for the day; it would be worth taking the crab pots too!

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