Weekly Report 30 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 30 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:44 pm

Some great land based fishing has been happening on the break walls recently with anglers getting stuck into a wide mix of species. Top numbers of mangrove jacks along with some decent cod are testing the knots of diehard fishos and they have been getting caught on a number of different techniques. Casting lures that have a loud rattle have not been lasting long, with the noise of the lure stirring up any nearby fish to strike. The Strada Tracka models are a great lure for this style of fishing. There have also been some larger trevallies getting landed with a few fish pushing up to a few kilos which are a great fighting fish around the rocks. The top of the high tide and as it starts to run out has been the better times to catch a few of these speedsters with the increased current flow making it ideal for them to ambush any unweary bait. Using small poppers and sinking blades are doing the damage and the heavier Koolabung blade in 14g is a better size to be using as it will vibe better in the stronger current.

We have heard of some nice finger mark fishing happening in the creeks and around the headlands with both the day and night time producing results. Anglers have been catching some of the bigger fish on soft plastics with the gulp range being real standouts along with the jackal transam lures. Fish up to 90cm have been encountered which are a real handful when hooked on a 20lb spin rod. There have also been a few barra jumping on anglers lines and we do recommend you release the fish unharmed and practice correct catch and release techniques. One of the more consistent areas to target finger mark successfully has been the Hinchinbrook channel as it provides plenty of deeper water with submerged structure which these fish actually love to hang around. Drifting past and dropping your lures to the bottom whilst incorporating a jigging action will see you into some action. The crabs have been on the increase with steady numbers turning up when the pots have been set for the day. As always use fresh bait and you will get better results, creek fish frames along with mullet heads are two of the better bait going around.

It has been all systems go lately with some top offshore and bay fishing keeping anglers entertained. A surprising number of mackerel are getting caught inshore with grey, spotty and Spanish making up the majority of the catch. Finding a few bait schools and throwing metal slices in amongst them has scored top numbers. Alternatively trolling lures has accounted for some nice fish as well. When throwing slices if you use a mono leader you will increase your bites tenfold so keep that method up your sleeve if you think you should be getting a few more hook ups. You may lose a few but it is a compromise for the fish that you will catch. When bait fishing on the reef good numbers of red throat emperor have been getting landed. These fish are great eating and most will put them on par if not better than the coral trout so if you are getting into a few it’s great fishing. Those that have been at the reef and dropped a few lures out the back have not been disappointed either ith some nice Spanish mackerel turning up. The average size has been great with most fish between 10-15 kg which makes blistering runs and have a great yield when kept for the table.

Picking up a few soft plastics and trying for some finger mark would be a great option to score some action. Alternatively with the weather permitting chasing a few mackerel would provide hours of fun and some line screaming action.

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