Weekly Report 15 Aug 13

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Weekly Report 15 Aug 13

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 15, 2013 6:11 pm

There has been some great fish getting landed from many of the land based locations with some of the more urban spots producing the better quality captures. The lakes have been rewarding anglers with good size barra hitting on lures with soft plastics doing the damage. The Zerek, Ecooda and D.O.A prawns are great choices with a nice slow and subtle retrieve working best. Fishing on sunrise, sunset and into the night are the better times and often if these times coincide with a tide change the fishing can be much better. The beaches are producing some nice flathead also and the anglers who have been using fresh bait such as prawn and yabbies are getting some other variety also. Bream, grunter and reasonable numbers of whiting are making up the majority of the catch. When fishing for whiting there are a few changes in you gear that can see you catching plenty more; a longer rod with a soft tip will allow you to feel the small and tentative bites. Also using the smallest sinker you can get away with will give your bait a better presentation and when the whiting takes the bait it will feel minimum weight on the line and be more inclined to take it and run.

Top conditions have resulted in the creeks and rivers producing some red hot fishing with the main species such as mangrove jacks, Barra and some larger cod putting a bend in anglers’ rods. Flicking lures into the snags is keeping you busy throughout the day and is heaps of fun with sometimes consecutive casts getting nailed in the one area. Diving lures are working well and from reports the water has been quite clear so going with natural colours is the better option. There is also some nice size fingermark getting caught from the deeper holes and areas with structure such as rock bars and snags. Live herring and prawn are both excellent baits for fingermark and setting a few lines out with either of these baits will see you hooked up in no time when you are in the right area. Fishing on the change of the tide is a good time with less run in the tide making it easier to get your offering down in the deeper holes.

The conditions recently have been some of the nicest we have seen for a while and the fishing has reflected this with some great reports coming through from satisfied anglers after a day out on the water. One fish that has dominated the catches has been the great tasting and humble fighting red throat emperor they are getting caught on a wide variety of offering with soft plastics and jigs catching their fair share. Although a nice piece of fresh squid or slab bait is a favourite of theirs and by using bait you will also catch coral trout and most other reef fish. Fishing in the shallower water of around 20-35m from reports is where the main action has been and jumping between a few spots is another method to get the catch rate up rather than anchoring at one spots for most of the trip. In terms of mackerel there are numbers around the reefs taking a liking to trolled hard bodies and also floated pilchard and gar baits. When you are anchored up it is always a good idea to cast a floater bait out as if there are any mackerel cruising around they will be all over it in a matter of minutes.

Weather permitting this weekend should be ideal to head out around the islands and shoals targeting a few mackerel and bottom species. The larger tides should fire up the pelagic species also and trolling a few lures around is a great method to get into the action.

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