Report 13/06/14

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Report 13/06/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:05 pm

The summer species are pretty much gone and the winter species are taking over. Big salmon and tailor are starting to move in, congregating on the beaches and around the rocky headlands. In the estuaries we’re seeing bream, blackfish and the odd trevally.

Bream fishing is big at this time of year. They’re congregating along the surf beaches all the way from headlands down to river mouths.

Groper and drummer are another big option at the moment. My colleagues have been picking up groper to 10kg and drummer to 4kg, and those are solid fish.

Mulloway are another big thing at this time of year. The beaches cop a flogging by the mullet pros, but if you can get around them that’s where the jew are. Mulloway are being caught everywhere from littlies in river mouths and estuaries through to bigger fellas right at the top of the mouths and the rock bars. Over the last couple of weeks another few 50-pounders have been caught.

Snapper are starting to come in pretty thick out wide, with a lot of anglers now targeting them along with pearl perch.

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