Report 5/2/16

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Report 5/2/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:02 pm

The offshore fishing is pretty good with plenty of Spanish mackerel about and heaps of spotties as well. Most have been caught on live baits but surface stickbaits are also catching their share.

You can sometimes catch the odd snapper from below the schools of mackerel; lately a couple of reds have taken livebaits originally intended for mackerel.

There have been a couple of wahoo poking around out wide and a couple of little blacks in close.

In the rivers the surface bream action has slowed down a bit but you can still get a few on the surface. Jacks have also been smashing surface lures and livebaits.

Whiting are still being taken up the estuary, with Sugapens the gun lure. You can also can get them on a really small plastics, such as 2” prawn imitations.

I haven’t heard much off the beaches but a few tailor are being caught off the rocks. There are rumours of the odd salmon as well.

In the fresh there are still plenty of bass around, and I’ve heard of a couple of trout coming from up Ebor way.

There have been some decent crab catches lately as well, following the bit of fresh we had.

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