Report 20/5/16

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Report 20/5/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 20, 2016 4:21 pm

G'day fishos, sorry for not putting up a report the last few weeks. Firstly having a holiday to Fiji which I did go fishing then having an infection in a cut that I got off some coral while snorkelling. I have been inundated with reports while I have been away, so there is much to cover.

Lake nillahcootie: 21.46%
Fishing: 7/10.
Since the rain the fishing has slowed a bit. Trollers are still getting 2-5 fish a session. The big girls are still around. I was told a big cod was hooked along the boating markers and busted them off on the marker. All the usual lures are doing the damage. The fishing off the bank casting spinnerbaits has been going well, more smaller fish now. Red/black & pink/purple the best colours. Bait fishing has been quiet with only a few small fish caught on worms.

Lake William hovell: 75.53%
Fishing: 8/10.
Doesn't take much water up that way to fill the lake up. Bait fishing with worms has been great as the trout and Redfin are moving onto the newly covered to chow down. Move around until you find a good patch where the fish are entering the shallows. Also casting a soft plastic around will catch a fish try a squidgee wriggler 55mm in bloodworm or a fish arrow 2 inch.

Lake Eildon: 31.36%
Fishing: 6/10.
The trout are starting to show up more and more. Mostly small fish 20-40cm. Tassies early in the morning flatlining has been ok. Best colours are phosphorous pearl and bleeding flamingo. Lead coring 2-4 colours is also getting some action. Pink seems to be better down a bit deeper. Cowbells and worms will pick up a few when the water is a bit discoloured. Reddies are still mediocre with most Redfin seem to be caught around big river and the howqua/goulburn spit. Cod are still being picked up but a bit more patience is required.

Broken river: steady high flow.
Fishing: 5/10.
The broken has been pretty quiet for the lure casters with a couple of undersize cod caught on spinnerbaits. The bait fishing has been really good since the flush of water. Worms and if you have grubs have been the best baits by far. Target the backwaters where fish will sit and wait for food to come.

Lake Mulwala: 95.87%
Fishing: 7.5/10.
Mulwala has been fishing well on all methods of fishing. Bait fishing has been catching a lot of undersized fish up above majors boat ramp, worms and cheese the best bait. Spinnerbaits cast around the river edges has produced a few nice fish. 3/4oz to 1oz in red/black, white/black/orange and pink all getting a few. Trolling and surface has been ok, kiffins reserve are and around the horseshoe has been good for trolling and the Everglades and along the north bank has been good on the surface. Jackal pompadours, mantis and koolabungs the best surface lures.

Lake Dartmouth: 44.05%
Fishing: 7.5/10.
Dart has been a little bit hit and miss the last few weeks. But everyone is getting fish it's just either getting a couple or getting a bag a day. A few are being caught flatlining early and late in the day. The better methods have been 3-5 colours of lead core. 20-45ft on the downrigger and cowbells/ford fenders with scrubbies/mud eyes. Best tassie colours have been: #101, ‪#‎y82‬, #97, #112, #126, #46, #82.

Full moon is Sunday and the weather looks great with light winds from the west for the weekend.

Tight lines!


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Teddy Sheehan with a fat 80cm cod caught from Nillahcootie last weekend.

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