Report 14/5/17

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Report 14/5/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu May 18, 2017 3:59 pm

The Shoalhaven/Crookhaven River has been producing some pretty good catches over the past month. We’ve seen an amazing run of good sized mud crabs in the Shoalhaven from around January up until now and they are still being caught. I don’t know if more people are targeting them or there is just a good supply, whatever the case it’s been a bumper season!

Jewies are high on the target species list at the moment. Whether you’re a bait fisho, lure fisho or even a fly fisho, it’s a good time to be going. Now I’m not going to give the spots away, but if your serious about catching one of these jewels of the estuary and have read all the literature and studied them you should know roughly where to look, a good source of fresh food for them is a good place to start...having no real predators they can pretty well eat what they please....and they a good concentration of water flowing past which carry smaller fish near where they will be holding up is a key. Jewies can be pretty lazy fish too sometimes so a tide change where you get some slack water is a good time to target them.

The Nowra Bridge pylons have been producing plenty of bream and EP’s on the top of the tide with the pylons on the south side on the run up tide giving salvation to a few flatties as they sit there head into the current in wait for a easy target in the form of a prawn or small baitfish to swim past.

Offshore the deep droppers are pulling a few ocean perch and the odd blue eye from the depths, whilst in closer at the banks it’s been a pretty good kingy run for the past few weeks, the only problem there has been the big bronzies taking more than their fair share of fish and jigs. From reports over the last few days it sounds as though the current has slowed right up so all you old guys out there this will allow you to use the smaller 100-150gr jigs making it a little easier on you ;-)

We have a massive range of Entice jigs in the lighter flat fall or flutter style which we are having a special on over the next’s basically buy one get one free on this range so a great time to stock up!

Squid in Jervis Bay have been there but unfortunately so have the leather jackets and they are in plague proportions attacking anything that hits the water making it hard to justify putting down a $20 Yamashita Jig. Off the rocks there have also been reports of some big squid and not as many leather jackets so if you want to catch a feed arm yourself with some 3.5’s and give some safe of the safer rock shelves a go providing it is safe.
Remember this Sunday is Mothers Day so spoil them and make them feel special although you should do that every day anyway!

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Brendan Burgman with a cracking jew caught in the middle of the day on a live bait.

Toby Wilson with a pair of toe nipping mud crabs destined for the pot.

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