Report 4/1/18

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Report 4/1/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:40 pm

We are having a great run of fine weather at the moment. which has fired up peoples enthuasim for fishing with most catching some variety of fish.The Murray is still receding slightly and is starting to clear which is good for the lure fisherman and all the other rivers are steady.

- Luke Dixon sent me a photo of a 60cm cod he caught at Boundary Bend,he said that his camp had been catching good numbers of cod,a lot undersize,but that is a posotive sign for that area.He said they caught quite a few yellas up to 46cm with most fish caught on shrimp and yabbies.
- Had a phone call from a camper at Belsar Island saying that he had caught a 60cm cod on bait along with several good size catfish.
- Campers in the Tooeybuc area have been landing a few cod up to 60cm using most baits.
- Here at Swan Hill in town there have been plenty of cod caught ranging from 30cm up to 95cm(I saw the photo of the 95cm the other day) with all fish caught on worms,yabbies & cheese/shrimp.
Shane Rathgeber who was staying at the Big 4 caravan park who had never caught a cod,called into my shop an bought a combo and a couple of hours later,sent me a photo of his 57cm cod-so he brought his mate in the next day to buy a combo.
- It should be another good year for the Swan Hill Fishing Classic in a few weeks time,with plenty of cod caught in the Pental Island caravan park area in the past week.Mitch Wooding and his son stayed at the park and sent me a photo of a 75cm cod they caught on the sat along with a heap of others and then on the sun they caught 18 cod in the morning with 3 undersize and the rest ranging from 55 to 64cm-all their fish were caught on cheese/shrimp ball.Another camp said that 5 of them caught around 50 cod of varying sizes up to 75cm using various baits.
- Nat Croft sent me a photo on tues of his girlfriend Emily Downey with a 91cm cod she had caught on a trolled purple/pink oargee not far from Caeli Lane where they were camped.He said they caught two others at 55cm on a green. oargee.And a mate of mine fished the same area on the tues and landed 3 cod to 66cm all on bait.

- Wade Cardenas sent me a photo of a 90cm he had caught fishing above the Wakool township with a trolled blue/yellow lure and he also landed a 65cm on a green/gold lure.And the report from Kyalite is that some good size yellas had been caught along with a few cod,with most fish caught on small yabbies and scrubworms.

- Have been getting reports of some yellas getting picked up in the Fish Point area.

- All 3 lakes have been a bit quite no doubt due to the large number of ski boats and jet skis around,with a few redfin and the odd yella getting landed early in the mornings or late evenings fishing with minnows,small yabbies and worms.

This Weeks Photos:
- Luke Dixons 3 Boundary Bend cod.
- Mitch Woodings 75 & 64cm Pental Island cod.
- Wade Gardenas 90cm & 65cm cod.
- Emily Downeys 91cm Caeli Lane cod.

JC's Bait & Tackle
488 Campbell St
Swan Hill VIC 3585
03 5033 0407

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